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Crosston Dance Ball

Saturday January 25th, 2014 to Sunday January 26th, 2014
San Jose, California

Crosston Dance Ball

The 2014 Peasant’s Dance will be held at the lovely San Jose Women’s Club in San Jose CA. This enormous hall has a sprung wood dance floor!  In addition to dance and flirtation, there will be an arts display and a gambling den. There will be two preparatory  dance classes: English Country Dance at 2pm, Italian and  French Dance at 3:30pm. See below for the proposed list of  dances. 

Dinner break is from 5-5:45pm. The Dance Ball begins at 6pm, ends at 10pmWe do not have any access to the kitchen, please bring a picnic basket or plan to eat out. This is a damp site only  (Beer and wine ok, no hard alcohol). Please mark your bottles and leave them with the bartender.
If you are interested in playing with the dance band, please contact the autocrat.

AutocratCrystal of the Westermark


Additional Parking Information: The 8 spaces at the Women’s Club are reserved for staff/musicians only.

Set 1
 Horses Branles
 Rufty Tufty...
 Maiden Lane
 Alta Regina
 **If time:
   Branles Pinagay
   Queen’s Alman
   **The Egg Dance, see The Egg dance (1552) by Pieter Aertsen in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,_The_Egg_Dance_(1552).jpg

Set 2
  Hearts’ Ease
  Black Alman
  Chiara Stella
  Petit Riense
  Maltese Branles
  Gathering Peascods
  **If time:
   Bransle Montard
   Gracca Amoroso

Set 3
  Cuckolds all in a Row
  Branles Charlotte
  Black Nag
  Fiamma d’Amore
  Jenny Pluck Pears
  **If time
   Sellinger’s Round
   Repeats on request

Event Schedule: 
1:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Site Information: 

Please respect the loading zone in front of the hall. Parking is free on most streets. 

Carpooling is highly encouraged. Nearest parking garage is SJSU’s North Parking garage at 10th and San Fernando, $5 all day.

Directions: From the north, take the 11th St exit toward  10th Street.

From the south, take the 11th St exit toward 10th St. Turn right onto S 11th St, a one-way street.

When you leave, remember to take 10th back to 280