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Mounted Combat Skills Workshop - Ride a Perfect Circle

Sunday November 3rd, 2013 to Monday November 4th, 2013
Browns Valley, California

Come join us at River Rock Cobs in Browns Valley, CA for the next installment in the Cynaguan Mounted Skills Workshop Series. From Xenophon to Duarte through modern day, riding circles is a key element in war horse training. As we have discovered in many of our workshops to date, riding straight is key to mastering many of our combat skills and as many horsemen can tell you, if you want to lope straight, lope circles; if you want to back straight, back circles. We will also start the day off with a braiding workshop and some grooming to win tips, because really, what's the point of being an effective killer, if your horse doesn't look fabulous while you are doing it?

This workshop is ideally suited to :

1) Folks that have an interest in learning grooming tricks, in learning how to braid, or in improving their braid techniques.

2) Folks that are comfortable riding at least a walk and trot and would like to work on learning to establish and maintain bend.

3) Folks that are comfortable at a walk and trot and are looking to work on riding circles while encumbered with a lance or shield.

4) Folks that have discovered that they or their horse needs to be able to travel straighter in SCA games and/or jousting/quintain runs.

5) Folks that just wanna come hang with a bunch of amazing horse folks.

6) Young or Green horses that need more exposure to SCA activities.

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