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Spring Offensive

Saturday May 17th, 2014 to Monday May 19th, 2014


A Viking Raid on the English Coast

Following long tradition in Selviergard, it is time for the armies to gather and train for war. We will host war maneuvers using fun scenarios to challenge the warriors of Oertha. So come to Selviergard with your armor and weapons, dust off the camping gear and be ready for fighting, games and competitions in the best traditions of the land.

“The Raid on Lindisfarne”

Welcome to 793 AD, the spring tides are just right for our ships to sail the great sea and seek out new lands and riches. Let the bards sing of glory and our foemen’s despair as we head to the English coast.

War Scenarios: (Heavy and Rapier)

Viking Ship Battle: ship outlines, fight ship to ship, if you fall overboard-you drown!

Bridge Battle: narrow bridge/causeway, 3 fighters wide.

Gate Battle: fight at the gate into town.

Village Battle: street fight to monastery and plunder.

Escape to the ships: enemy troops on the beach blocking the way.

Archery Competition:

Target: Butts/ bull’s-eye, standard SCA bulls-eye targets

Target: Warriors (cardboard shapes of men w/ shields)

Target: Hunt for meat, animal targets. “meat prize” (win your dinner!)

Thrown Weapons Competition:

Hand axes at block, points as shown

Hand axes, faithful wife? Balloon head with braids, cut the braids without hitting balloon

Throwing spears

A & S Competitions and Games:

Beermaids of Valhalla: (adults)

A Viking Obstacle Course (for kids: carrying age-appropriate items)

Best Viking Garb: men-women-children

Offensive Garb team competition (aka GARB WARS)

Bardic competition: Sagas in the Viking Style, to be performed at bardic

Viking Crafts: Viking jewelry, drinking horns, embroidery

Viking Illumination (for children)

Cooking: Best Viking Sweet, Best Viking Savory – judged by the populace

Children’s Games: Dragon Feet races, ROCK, etc.


Feast: Bring your own meat to grill AND a potluck dish to share: (by mundane last name)

A – G: Breads & Spreads     H – R: Side Dishes     S – Z: Desserts


Site: information:. Little Susitna River Camp Ground, Houston, AK

Camp Fee: Separate per tent fee, payable to city of Houston


Autocrat: Fergus MacThomais -- Email:

Autocrat’s Scribe: Margarita di Calvi -- Email:


Start Time: 
Site opens 9 am on May 17th and closes 5 pm on May 18th.
Site Fee: 
$10.00/adult (12 & up), $5/child; nuclear family $30 + NMS, as applicable.