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St. Boniface Collegium

Saturday November 15th, 2014 to Sunday November 16th, 2014
To all students of the arts and sciences: The College of St. Boniface, within the borders of the Barony of Winter's Gate, Fairbanks, AK, will be hosting a Collegium. A more detailed description of classes will be available on the Baronial website and Facebook page.
Saturday classes will be held in the Gruening building on the 3rd (aka ground) floor.
Sunday classes will be held in the University Park building (our usual fighter practice site). Classes will be in the gym area.
Saturday: take your best route to Alumni drive, turning onto Chandalar via Tanana Loop. Watch out for construction. Greuning is off Cooper next to the library.
Sunday: take your best route to 1000 University Ave, drive around and park in the back of the building.
Autocrat: Hanna Schempf
Start Time: 
Saturday at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM. Sunday 1 PM, closing at 5 PM.
Site Fee: 
There is no site fee. Donations will be gleefully accepted.