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Baroness's Champion Tourney

Saturday August 15th, 2015 to Sunday August 16th, 2015
Anchorage, Alaska
The time has come once again for Her Excellency Elspeth to choose her Heavy, Rapier, and Archery Champions!  
She has decided to truly test the skills and stamina of the fighters. Therefore; there will be a 30 minute Bear Pit for both the Heavy and Rapier fighters; broken into three 10 minute rounds (5 Minute breaks between each round) of the following styles..
Heavy ChallengersRound 1 Fighters Choice; Round 2 Mass Weapons, Round 3 Dagger and Buckler.
Rapier Challengers: Round 1 Fighters Choice; Round 2 Two Swords; Round 3 Dagger and any Defensive Item of your choice. 
She also feels the Archers should be challenged! Therefore; a Wreath Shoot will be had for the Archers. Archers will be given time to practice during the day, but when the tourney starts each Archer is given 2 Arrows. The Archer who's arrow lands the truest wins the tournament! 
A&S Competition: Make an item to be donated to the Eskalyian largess. Her Excellency's favorite entry will gain a prize! 
Youth Combat, and Youth Archery will take place as well as other fun and exciting things!  
Join us as we celebrate Baroness Elspeth and the Barony of Eskalya with fun and fighting!
I urge you ALL (fighters and consorts; even those not interested in the fighting aspect of what we as a Society do...) to start practicing your deaths. This will come in VERY handy for a Secret Happening that will take place during this event!  
Dinner: Potluck with the barony providing the main dish. Please bring enough to feed 6-8, and bring a list of ingredients so we can properly appreciate your skills (and the allergic know what to beware of). 
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
11 am - 7 pm
Site Fee: 
$8 for adults 18 and up (with $5 surcharge for non-members), $5 for ages 12-18, and under 12 free. $30 Family Cap.

Take your best route to the Seward Hwy. Exit at Dimond Blvd, turn right if coming from O’Malley, or left if coming from midtown onto Dimond. Dimond turns into Abbott Rd. heading toward hillside. Turn right into Ruth Arcand Park and follow road back to parking. Park is down a short path from parking area.