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Rivenoak Championship

Saturday September 19th, 2015
Paradise, California

Her Excellency Eowyn II, newly ascended to the Baronial Throne of Rivenoak, announces She is ready to choose Her Champions! And She wants lots of champions. She has declared there to be a grand tournament to test the skills of all fighters in the kingdom. Therefore, there will be a Heavy Weapons Challenge, Rapier Challenge, Archery Challenge and a Thrown Weapons Challenge. Her Excellency will select Her champion from one of the contenders who shows the most prowess and chivalry from any of the weapon disciplines.  Extra points if you can compete well in them all.

For the aspiring thespian in you, there will be a special Drama Queen/King award for the best death, open to both combatants and non-combatants alike.

Also: Announcing the 1st Annual Rivenoak Cooks Play Date, presided over by cook extraordinaire, Master Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr. So bring your period recipes and cookware to amaze and impress the populace with your culinary skills. Even if you don’t cook period, there will be the traditional groaning board (potluck table) open. Please bring your favorite dish to share with the populace.

And there will be more, much more. For further information, visit the Rivenoak Facebook page.

Autocrat:  Gregory of St Albans

Event Schedule: 
Heavy Weapons Tournament will begin promptly at 11 (hopefully). We have a lot of tournaments to get through.
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens 10 am and closes at 7 pm.
Site Fee: 
$5 for adults 18 and up (with $5 surcharge for non-members), $3 for ages 12-18, and under 12 free.

Take your best route to Highway 99 in Chico. From 99 North take exit 383 for Skyway to Paradise.** From 99 South take exit 383 for Skyway to Paradise.** (**Drive 12 miles on Skyway and turn Left onto Bille Rd for 1.1 miles. Turn right into Billie Park and look for the SCA signs.)