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Tarnmist Harvest Feast

Saturday October 29th, 2016
Grover Beach, California
There will be a fighter practice or small tourney - depending on the number of fighters and interest shown - during the day along with board games in the hall. There will also be a free dayboard 
so people will not have to leave site for lunch. Donations to the dayboard are welcome. The populace of the Barony is encouraged to bring your Arts and Sciences projects for display in the side hall room. 
There may be dancing after the feast if there is time and people can still move. We may be also having a small celebration of our new Baron Cormac’s natal day.
• Homemade Breads with Butter, Cabbage and Leek Soup, or Sautéed Cabbage with Sausage (depending on the weather, soup if it is cold)
• Cold Roast Pork Loin with Homemade Applesauce, Ricotta Gnochi with a Browned Butter and Sage sauce, Candied Carrots
• Roast Chicken with the Lemon Sauce from San Sovi, Honeyed Peas, Bread with Butter
• Period Meat Stew, Roast Brussel sprouts with a Mustard Cream sauce, Period Potatoes with Bacon (yes, it is documentable)
• Belgian Chocolate cake, Wild Blackberry tartlets, Apple Cider, Ginger/Lemon/Honey tea, Clean Water.
Please let the Head cook, (Ellen of the Western Wind) know of any dietary restrictions you may have ahead of the event so she can make some alterations for your serving.
The site is discreetly wet so you can BYOB.
Event Steward: Kathryn Blackhart
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens: 10am (The feast proper will start at 5:30 to 6pm) and Closes: 11pm
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Children (Ages 5-14): $10, Children (Under 5): Free.

From the North: Take Hwy 101 south to Arroyo Grande, CA, Take Five Cities Drive exit and turn left. Proceed to 4th Street and turn right. Proceed to Ramona Ave and turn left. Site will be at the corner of Ramona Ave and 10th Street.
From the South: Take Hwy 101 to Grande/Grand Ave exit and turn left. Proceed to 10th Street and turn right. Site is 2 blocks north at the corner of Ramona Ave and 10th Street.