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Feast of Saint Raynald Pas d' Armes

Saturday February 9th, 2019
Modesto, California

Come celebrate the Feast of Saint Raynald in Canale. 

There will be an extensive Pas d' Armes during the day for Equestrians (skill at arms competitions and combat), Heavy Fighters, and Rapier Fighters.

One of our local, professionally trained cooks will prepare delicious food for all in attendance. The entire venue is covered. There is an enclosed space to watch the combatants, eat wonderful food, and enjoy good company.

St. Raynald of Nocera
Benedictine bishop Born in Umbria, Italy, to parents of German stock, he entered the Benedictines and served the order in various capacities until receiving appointment as bishop of Nocera in 1217 or 1222. Owing to the excellence of his service as bishop, he is considered the patron saint of that city.

Pas d’armes Conditions

First Item: All participants shall bear themselves with good grace, to advance the cause of chivalry rather than the base spirit of victory. Each participant shall comport themselves bearing mutual responsibility for themselves, their opponent and their mounts as applicable.
Item: As the name of the challenger is read by the Herald of Arms, they should advance to the Tree of Shields and smartly sound one to indicate the type of challenge they desire. This done, they should advance to the Opponent they wish to challenge and offer succinct, persuasive words to both the Opponent and to the Gallery.
Item: Participants may present accoutered for Heavy, Rapier, Cut and Thrust, Crest Combat, Mounted Combat, or Equestrian Skill at Arms. Item: The shield Or shall indicate a single match up, one against another.
Item: The shield Sable shall indicate single combats at the barrier or head to head competition at the games.
Item: The shield Azure will indicate group encounters, equal numbers, with the challenger serving as Captain for his/her side and the chosen opponent as Captain for the other.
Item: All combats shall be to the head and quarters and there will be no strikes with excessive force. 'Counted blows,' shall be tallied by each combatant, the number of blows thrown to one, three, five, or seven to be chosen by the challenger.
Item: The challenger state the weapons and in the case of equestrian skill at arms, the targets.
Item: In the group combats from the ground or mounted, only single-handed swords are allowed. In group combats a foot, there will be no striking from behind. In group combats a horse, the standard 360 degree conventions shall apply.
Item: There shall be no thrusts to the face, as this was not generally practiced in tournaments.
Finally: There is to be no single victory this day-the prizes recognizing Chivalry (argent), Valor (gules), Franchise (azure) and Whimsy (or/vert) will be offered by the members of the gallery who shall watch our activities and offer their opinions in the form of flowers bestowed upon those participants who exemplify those traits.

Members of the Gallery

The entire venue is covered. There is an enclosed space to watch the combatants and equestrians, eat wonderful food, and enjoy good company. Please view the encounters and reward the participants that best suit your definitions of Chivalry, Valor, Franchise, and Whimsy with roses provided in the viewing room for your dispersal throughout the day. 


Site opens — 9 am
Pas Sign-ups/Armor Inspection — 10:30 am
Introduction of the Participants followed by challenges and encounters — 11 am SHARP
Sideboard Lunch prepared by Rokr Korrason — Available in the Gallery throughout the day. Included in the site fee.
Awards of Roses from the Gallery — Throughout the day

Preliminary Menu
Available All Day - Salad, Fruits and Veggies
Luncheon - Sausage Roll, Venison and Veggie Pasties, Goat Stew, and Potato Stew
Late Afternoon Snack - Potato Fritters, Apple Mini-Pies, Bread Pudding

Event Steward: Heinrich von Melk (Doug Reimers) — Phone: 209-620-4698 — E-mail:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
9 am to 6 pm
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration : $15, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10, Children (0-5): Free, Children (6-): $10, Family Cap: $40. Haul in Fee $10/horse payable to site. If you need stalls, contact the Event Steward.
Feast Fee: 
A side board lunch is included in the site fee.

Mapping program directions work well.

From I-5: Take Exit 434 toward Sperry Ave/Diablo Grande Parkway. Turn right onto Del Puerto Canyon Rd. Turn left onto Rogers Rd and go 4.5 miles. Turn left onto CA-33 N and go 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Grayson Rd and go 3.6 miles. Turn left on Shiloh Rd and go 3.4 miles. Turn Right onto Paradise Rd and go 3.5 miles. Turn right onto Illinois Ave and go 0.7 miles. Double N Ranch is on the left.

From 99: Take Exit 225 B for Tuolumne Blvd toward B St. Turn right (heading west) onto Tuolumne Blvd. The road turns into Paradise Rd and go 4.3 miles. Turn left onto Illinois Ave and go 0.7 miles. Double N Ranch is on the left.