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Rivenburg War

Saturday November 17th, 2018
Citrus Heights, California

War of the Baronies is back!!!!! Because there was a grail, someone’s relative smelt of elderberries, and honor took the field. There will be armored fighting, there will be rapier fighting, and there will be artful fighting. Assemble your armies, find your champions, hire your mercs, do what you must, for this is WAR!!!! Also there will be a largess competition between the Baronies, so come and show off the bounty that is Cynagua!!! (Be careful where you step, there may be shenanigans there!)

Event Steward: Micheila MacCallum (Kim Gallagher) — Phone: 916-517-7519 — Email:

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Site opens: 8:00am Site Closes 6:00pm
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