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Eskalya Baroness's Champion

Saturday August 3rd, 2019

Location:  Goose Lake Shelter and environs, Anchorage Alaska

Her Excellency, Celestria, Baroness of Eskalya, being in need of a champion, has called forth all clans and peoples of Eskalya to participate in this choosing. Champions must be strong of limb, stout of heart, skilled in all manner of endeavors, both on and off the field. Games will be held to test the mettle of all would-be champions.

Champion Competition (Ithrotir) include: Axe holding (not as easy as it sounds), Salmon Toss, Rock, Wrestling (glima), Tug O’War (teams of 3 and individual), Holmgang Bearpit Baroness’s choice of weapons for both heavy and rapier. Scoring is as follows: 1st place 5 pts, 2nd place 3 pts, 3rd 2 pts, and all who enter 1 pt. Enter as many events as you want and gather more points.

Other competitions: A&S — Viking in any mode. Saxon 5th Ave — Viking  (or other) Garb (Fot), extra points for participation. Bardic (Kalevala) —story telling of the day’s battles. Also extra points.

Lunch will be of simple Norse fare: soups, cheeses, and bread.

In celebration there will be a feast fit for Thor himself. Meat/bird furnished. Pot luck picnic according to the first letter of your mundane last name.
A – F Desserts; G – L Vegetables;  M – S Bread, spreads, and cheeses; T – Z: Starches (rice, pasta, etc.)

Come be a Viking for a day and celebrate our beloved Baroness.

For more Information: Please contact the Event Steward: Dame Elspeth of LochLomand — Phone: (907) 240-3759 — E-mail:

Start Time: 
Site opens at 11 am and closes at 8 pm. Park Gate closes at 9 pm.
Site Fee: 
Adult Non-Member Registration: $15; Adult Member Registration: $10