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Oertha Winter Coronet / Investiture

Friday January 17th, 2020 to Sunday January 19th, 2020
Wasilla, Alaska

Oerthan Mid-Winter Coronet “A Winter Wonderland”

Let your mind wander back, to a time of beauty and pageantry, a time of bold deeds and fair ladies, a time of grand tournaments and fabulous feasts… Then journey with me to the lands of Oertha, where knightly competitors battle for the favor of their lady’s honor and tales of victory and honorable defeat are told over the table laden with tasty food and drink. Where is this fantasy, come to life? As the song says, “To Oertha, Ho!” Beyond the northern seas, what a Principality!

In the Barony of Selviergard, the Shrine of St. Therese offers such a sanctuary from the beige of everyday life. Midwinter offers a white and blue canvas for such a grand display of chivalry and the arts: contests to delight the senses, dancing and song to close the evening. Come, quest with me, to where the hearts are full, and the ladies there are irresistible, to Oertha, ho!

Their Highnesses invite you to join them as They witness the tournament for Their Heirs, contested the third weekend of January, A.S. LIII. Following the lead of Mother Nature, Saturday will feature a color court, of argent and azure, to welcome the new Heirs, and an indoor snowball fight might spark up during Feast! Contests, sponsored by the Guilds, will provide many opportunities to display the work of your hands during fall and winter, and our cooks promise a delightful feast, to increase the coffers of the Principality.

Course 1: Fall/winter soup, bread & spreads
Course 2: Period chicken pie, vegetable side dish to be determined
Course 3: Roasted pork sirloin, roasted winter root vegetable medley, starch to be determined
Course 4: Winter pie selection (apple, berry, etc.) & (hopefully!) a Subtlety (if the Cook’s plan works)

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Event Steward: Delphine de Granada (Meghan Thompson) — Phone: 907-244-6545
Deputy Steward: Mistress Margarita (ThompsonGM) — Phone: 907-244-6543 — E-mail:

Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
Adult non-member registration fee: $25; Adult member registration fee: $20; Under $12: $15; No family cap available. Lodging fee: $10 per person/per night
Feast Fee: 
$20 per person (prepared on site)
From the South: Take the Glenn Hwy to the Parks interchange. Exit onto Trunk Rd. going Right. Take Trunk to Bogard and follow the roundabout Left onto Bogard. Turn Right onto N Engstrom Rd. Follow as it turns into E Settlement Ave. Turn Left onto Twin Lakes Dr. Look for SCA signs.
From the North: Take the Parks Hwy to Trunk Rd, turn Left onto Trunk at the exit. Follow above directions above the rest of the way.