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Beltane Coronation

Friday May 3rd, 2019 to Sunday May 5th, 2019
Cloverdale, California

Unto the populace of the West,

Their Majesties invite one and all to come and bear witness to the Coronation of their Heirs. Come celebrate the grand traditions of the West Kingdom with courts, arts, sciences, singing, dancing, fighting and archery.

In a kingdom where our history began and there is a sea of champions and legends, I must choose one to represent me, as Queen, on the field of armored combat. We have chosen to hold a grand tournament to decide who will be honored with the title and responsibilities of Queen’s Champion.

My champion must be willing to embody the joy of the dream and be willing to join Us as We jump down the rabbit hole into this escapade that will bring joy and laughter to the forefront of this reign.

Also, they must be willing to take on the serious role of protecting and serving Myself and Our populace, not only in word but in deed. I desire a champion that will take up the challenge of showing generosity to all; be willing to gently carry baskets or items for those in need; and to adventure with Us around the kingdom.

The tournament will be open to all heavy fighters and format will be announced the day of Our coronation but We know it will end in a Helmschau. Each member of the populace will be given two ribbons; one for Generosity, one for Chivalry. At the completion of the tournaments fighting, We are asking the many members of the populace to join Us in tying ribbons upon the warriors helms. This will help Us determine who will be named Queen’s Champion, and carry the faith of Myself and the populace with them.

In Service,
Alyce, Crown Princess of the West

The Bard of the West Competition will be held at Saturday evening, details to follow.

The Royal Missile Company will be holding a competition shoot so bring your archery tack and fling some arrows.

The current West Kingdom Rapier Champion is looking for a successor, come share you skills and compete in West Kingdom Rapier Championship.

Site Rules:
1. There is no guarantee of water on site, so please make sure you bring water for drinking and washing.
2. No Ground fires. Only contained, attended and above-ground fires with a fire extinguisher within 20 feet are allowed  (subject to change due to weather conditions)
3. We are restricted to the areas we have rented. Do not go into the hills or woods surrounding the site. This is where the owner has put the sheep for the duration of the event.
4. Absolutely no pets are allowed on site. ADA service animals in ADA vest and on leash at all times are allowed. Contact Autocrat ahead of time please.

Event Registration Fee: $25; Members $20; 17 and under FREE

Event Steward: Rose of Wolfscairn (Audrey Skelly)

Site Information: 

Take Hwy 101 towards Cloverdale CA. Take the Hwy 128 West/Boonville exit. Travel 12.5 miles — the site is on the North (right) side of the road. Follow these directions and look for SCA signs — GPS/Google Maps will NOT take you to the right place.