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Calendar Policy

The Kingdom Calendar is available to local group seneschals in the Spring (on or about April 2) for events to be held in the following year. This date will be communicated as widly as possible and will be as early as possible. Date requests are made on the Calendar Date Request Form. The software that runs the calendar may be open before that time, or to an indefinate date, but only the Kingdom Seneschal may approve dates using this interface. Any dates requested outside of the following parameters will be rejected without action:

         Prior to the Calendar Requests start date, the Kingdom Seneschal (having consulted with the Principality Seneschals) will assign dates for all of the primary Kingdom and Principality Crown, Coronation, Coronet, and Investiture events.  Events in the central Kingdom are not allowed to conflict with Kingdom-level events; exceptions to this rule are allowed for groups in the Marches and Oertha on a case-by-case basis.

       When the Calendar first opens (on or about April 2 the year PRIOR to the calendar being set), EVERY branch group in good standing* will be allowed the opportunity to request one event.  Dates will be approved or negotiated if two proximate groups request the same date, provided that the requested date does not conflict with any Kingdom-level event, or with any other events in the same Principality (unless sufficiently distant).  Alternate dates for the event should be provided to streamline the process, should the first-choice date be unavailable.  Do not request more than one event during the initial date request phase; doing so could cause delays which may result in the loss of your desired dates.

      Once every group has been given sufficient time to request their first event, the Calendar will again open for each group to request a second event. All Barony and Province level groups MUST host (or co-host) TWO events per year to maintain their branch status.

Once all of these requests have been processed, the calendar will open for any number of event date requests.  

Note that the rules on date conflicts apply to all date requests.

*This includes INCIPIENT branches or DORMANT branches who need to hold events (sponsored by other active branches) to establish their track record of activity. Any active branch "sponsoring" an Incipient or Dormant branch event may make the request in ADDITION to the request for their own first event. MAKE certain the title and description show this clearly - i.e. "Belogor Art in the Park, sponsored by Allyshia"

It does NOT include any branch which is DORMANT (and not attempting to become Active) or branches under a financial sanction.