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West Kingdom ChatelaineWest Kingdom Chatelaine Contact Page

Chatelaine: Vyncent atte Wodegate


The Chatelaine's office is in charge of Newcomers' Relations. If it is your first event, look to the Chatelaine to welcome you. If you need help finding your local branch, event information, or any SCA information, the Chatelaine is here to help you.  The table below will help you find the chatelaine or contact person for a group near you.


Kingdom of the West The geographic area of Northern California, Alaska and the Pacific Rim. Vyncent atte Wodegate
Principality of Cynagua The geographic area of Northern Central Valley & Sierras of California & the Northwest portion of Nevada. Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Alpensee, Shire (Carson City and Douglas Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Bestwodeshire, Shire (Tehama and Shasta Co.) Lady Tzipah
Cynagua Betony Wood, Shire(South Sacramento Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Bryniaid, Shire(Calaveras & Tuolumne Cos.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Canale, Shire (Southern Stanislaus and Merced Cos.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Champclair,  Shire (Eastern Solano Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Shire of Crystal Mist (Siskiyou & Modoc Cos.) Kalista of Crystalmist
Cynagua Danegeld Tor, Shire (NE Sacramento and Placer Co.) Hextilda Lemon
Cynagua Desert Guard(Battle Mountain, Elko & Wells NV) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Fendrake Marsh, Shire (Churchill & Lyon Cos. NV) Eithne ingen Gille Challine
Cynagua Fettburg, Barony (San Joaquin and Northern Stanislaus Cos.) Cilean Stirling
Cynagua Golden Rivers, Province (Central Sacramento Co.) Brigid O’Connor
Cynagua Mont d’Or, Shire (Nevada Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Mountain’s Gate, Shire(El Dorado Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Rivenoak, Barony (Glenn and Butte Cos.) Ottilie von Huber
Cynagua St. Cassian of Imola, College (Sacramento State U) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Silver Desert, Province (Washoe Co.) Catalina Caminante
Cynagua Thistletorr, Shire (Colusa and Sutter Cos.) Sara of Foxhaven
Cynagua Vakkerfjell, Shire (Yuba Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Cynagua Windy Meads, Shire (Yolo Co.) Arianwen ferch Morgan
Principality of the Mists The geographic area of the Greater San Francisco & Monterey Bay areas in California. Edric Rannulf
Mists Caer Darth, Canton (Santa Cruz) Original Nightshade
Mists Caldarium, Shire (Marin Co.) Geraldine of Toad Hall
Mists Cloondara, Shire (San Francisco) Rodrigo Bernardez
Mists Crosston, Shire (NW Santa Clara Co.) Vyncent atte Wodegate
Mists Darkwood Barony (S. Santa Clara Santa Cruz San Benito and Monterey Cos) Richard of Ardgour
Mists Esfenn, Shire (SE Alameda Co.) Edric Rannulf
Mists Hawk’s Haven, Canton (S Santa Clara and San Benito Cos.) Edric Rannulf
Mists Mists, Province (N. Alameda Co.) Edith de Laufare
Mists Montaigne du Roi, Canton (Monterey Co.) Edric Rannulf
Mists St. David’s College, (UC Santa Cruz) Edric Rannulf
Mists St. Katherine, College (UC Berkeley) Edric Rannulf
Mists Southern Shores, Province of (Central Santa Clara Co.) Castus Valerius
Mists Teufelberg, Shire (E. Contra Costa Co.) Edric Rannulf
Mists Vinhold, Barony (Napa, SW Solano and E. sonoma Cos.) Allen Greywolfe of Sussex
Mists Westermark, Barony (San Mateo Co.) Linda of the Lakelands 
Mists Wolfscairn, Shire (N. Marin and W. Sonoma Cos.) Sebastian of Wolfscairn
Principality of Oertha The geographic area of the state of Alaska. Lilla aet Sceaphylle
Oertha Shire of Earngyld(Juneau) Mary of the White Wolves
Oertha Eskalya, Barony (Anchorage) Lamorack D'Pellinore
Oertha Pavlok Gorod, Shire (Kodiak Island) Gwenhyvar Ferch Rinn
Oertha Saint Boniface, College (Incipient) (U of AK Fairbanks) Lilla aet Sceaphylle
Oertha Saint Guinefort College (Incipient) (U of AK Anchorage) Lilla aet Sceaphylle
Oertha Selveirgard, Barony (Eagle River & Mat-Su Valley) Rolynnda of Azure Stone
Oertha Winter’s Gate, Barony (Fairbanks) Cempestra O'Breannion
Marches Portions of Northern California & Central California, Japan, Guam & Korea.  
Marches Allyshia, Palatine Barony (Humboldt Co.) Dunovan Ried
Marches Ravenshore, Shire (Lake & Mendocino Co.) Katus Czgyan
Marches St. Brendan, College (Humboldt State U) Ivarr Ingvasson
Marches Tarnmist, Barony (San Luis Obispo Co.) Alaine ni Deorin
Marches Borderwinds, Canton (Santa Maria) Jena Whitehart
Marches Wuduholt be Secg, Shire (Del Norte Co.) Bethany of Ashwood
Marches Far West, Palatine Barony (Pacific Rim) Klement St. Christoph
Marches Battle Rock, Stronghold (Okinawa, Japan) Wilhelm Meis
Marches Golden Playne, Canton (Bangkok, Thailand) Grímr korni