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Team Arts & Sciences Competition at the Arts & Sciences Tournament, "The Eight-legged Race"

Team Arts & Sciences Competition at the Arts & Sciences Tournament, "The Eight-legged Race"

 West Kingdom Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences Tournament
The A & S Tournament is a weekend-long camping event held every Summer, offering activities such as hands-on classes, group activities, and A & S displays, as well as Page School classes and activities for children. (Check the Page School Chancellor page for details about children's events.) At this event, classes try to focus on learning through hands-on activities in arts and crafts. In the evening there will be bardic opportunities. Please bring your musical instruments and bardic inspiration to share. There will be classes and opportunities to present works should you choose to perform. There will also be an enthusiastic and welcoming audience to provide the necessary encouragement.

If you have any questions about the event, or would like to volunteer to teach a class, please contact the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Officers, they're listed in the back of the Page under Kingdom Officers.

Rules for the Eight-Legged Race are essentially the same as for the individual Annual A & S Championship, except that you get to share the work with friends and enjoy being part of a team effort. Each team should consist of two to four people. Work can be divided up any way the team wishes. It's not necessary for every teammate to have a hand in every project-even projects that are solo efforts can be entered in competitions on behalf of the team. It's all up to you and your team. Teams can submit as many entries to a competition as they wish, the only limitation is that each entry can only count towards a single team. i.e. if Lady Jane l'Artiste joins two different teams and then submits a single entry for a competition, the points for that entry can only be credited to one of her teams, not both. At the end of the A & S event, the team with the highest cumulative score wins, providing they meet the category requirements outlined under the A & S Championship rules. Teams must be registered with the Arts  &  Sciences Officers at the time of their first competition entry. You should provide a list of teammates and a team name. Participating as part of a team does not prevent individuals from also participating in the Annual A & S Championship. If you want to do both, please contact either the Arts or Sciences Officers in advance to discuss additional details. Documentation requirements for teams are the same as for individuals, except that you should also provide a separate page that details how each person contributed to the entry. This page should not be physically attached to the documentation, because your entry must remain anonymous while it is being judged. This information is largely to satisfy the curiosity of the A & S Officers, we'd like to see how you are managing the work and building team spirit.