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Danegeld Tor Fighter Practice

Every Sunday at 11:00am
Citrus Heights, California

Danegeld Tor is hosting fighter practice every Sunday that doesn't conflict with something, at 11:00am at Rusch Park. Time will change (back) to 1:00pm when temperatures decrease.  If you have questions, please ask on our Social Media page.

Site Information: 

Do not use GPS with the address. It does not send you to the right place. Use ‘Mace Blvd. at Tremont Road’.
Take Interstate 80 to Davis. From the East, exit at Mace Blvd. and turn left at the light onto Mace. From the West, exit at Mace Blvd and turn left at the light onto Chiles Road, then turn right onto Mace Blvd.
Proceed 4 miles south on Mace Blvd. Where Tremont Road meets Mace Blvd, turn left into the parking lot.