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Golden Rivers Equestrian practice

Every Sunday at 10:00am
Sacramento, California

Greetings equestrians, on February 16th at 10:00 a.m. golden rivers will be having an equestrian practice.


Rental horses:  Getting acquainted and building rapport.

Mounted: Team games, and strategies.

Weapon Handling:  Time permitting at every practice we will work on some sort of weapons handling. This practice we will be working on above ground lancing. There will be a target and light lance available for practicing targeting or for rhose with more experience to add horsemanship and flourish.

Lessons are available from some of our experienced horsewomen. Talk to Lady Juliana

Rental hoses are available. Lady Juliana is the coordinator for that.

There is a $5 dollar courtesy haul in fee

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10am - 3pm