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New Crowns

Commentary on the Bids for the Western Crowns is re-opened

New Kingdom Crowns

Unto the Populace of the Kingdom of the West.

The West has taken bids from artists for a third set of crowns. This is based on the need to semi-retire the silver Crowns so that they are only used for Coronations. They shall live alongside the Ancient and Honorables and only brought out when they are truly needed. This is to preserve our history so that they may still be used in the decades to come in this great Kingdom.

This new set should be designed to stand up to the rigorous travel schedule of the West Kingdom Royalty, who take multiple trips to other Kingdoms annually. Pennsic, Gulf Wars, Estrella, West/An-Tir, Great Western War... along with trips to Oertha and the Far West as well as weekly use in Kingdom put a rigorous strain not only on the Royals, but the regalia as well. Air travel should be factored into the next design.

After taking the commentary from the populace, two artists were chosen to submit updated bids. We have now opened commentary up for the updated bids, please note that this time we will not be sending feedback to the artists for further updates to the bids.

The regalia committee will be taking feedback from March 1, 2018 to April 25, 2018.

This is a request for your opinion on the bids that have been submitted, please send your commentary in so that it can be reviewed when considering the next crowns of the West. Please use the survey created to send in your feedback:

Here is the new process and timeline for you to provide your feedback to Their Majesties:

  • March 1-April 25th: Request Final Populace Input
  • May 1 (Beltane): Earliest date for final Decision on Crown bid
  • June 23rd (Crown Tourney): Latest date for final Decision on Crown bid

Thank you for taking the time to look at each bid and read through the description.
In Service,
Regalia Committee