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Jp Cole - Bid2

Proposed bid to include: Two hinged coronets, one for the King and on for the Queen. Each coronet will also have 3 sizing panels to adjust the fit of each coronet.

Materials: 20 gauge satin finished nickel backplates. 26 gauge polished bronze top plates. 20 and 26 gauge polished bronze and nickel for the appliques.

Design elements are taken from traditional elements of previous West Kingdom regalia.

Construction: The total height of each coronet is 3”. The coronets will be constructed with 4 plaques that are hinged to each other. The back plates will be satin textured nickel. The top plates will be hand cut bronze trim and oak scrollwork. The top plates will be riveted to the back plates. The devices for the King and Queen will be separate bronze applique pieces. Hand cut, enameled with green for the laurel wreath and red for the roses and riveted to the plaques. The top oak clusters and roses will be separate polished nickel appliques with hand engraving and riveted to the plaques.

Sizing: Each coronet will come with 3 sizing panels. The King’s coronet will have a base build of 24”. Sizing plates for 23 1⁄2”, 24 1⁄2”, 25”. The Queen's coronet will have a base build of 23”. Sizing plates for 22 1⁄2”, 23 1⁄2”, 24”.

The total price of this project will be $10,000

The coronets come with a 5 year warranty on construction and materials.

The coronets also come with a 5 year warranty against accidental damage. If the coronet is accidentally damaged, then it will be repaired and returned to service. The Kingdom will be only be liable for materials cost needed for any repairs. The Kingdom will be responsible for shipping to the artist. The artist will be responsible for shipping the repaired piece back to the customer.

Instructions for cleaning and upkeep of the coronets will be provided by the artisan. Cleaning and upkeep is basic and simple.

The warranty does not cover willful misuse, negligence or loss. This will be determined by the artist. This project is intended to be a piece of regalia. It is not armor, nor should it be worn into combat on an active participant.

This bid will be good through June 24th, 2018. Once the bid has been accepted, half payment will be required to be paid to John Cole at JP Cole Studios L.L.C. The balance will be payable upon completion of the project. The project will be mailed out once final payment has been received. This project will be delivered on or before Dec 1, 2018.

Thank you for your time, and consideration of this proposal. John Cole (Master Aethelstan Aethelmearson, OL)

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