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King and Queen of the West

- Hans -- Helga -
Persona PeriodGerman 1490-1520
Anglo Saxon 11c
German 1490-1510
Rus/Slavic 10-11c (ISH)
Drink(s) of ChoiceAlcoholic: Dark Beer (think stout or porter)
Non-Alcoholic: iced tea (green or black, sweet or not), lemonade, water
Alcoholic: Dark Beer, Sours, Scotch, Dark Rum & Orange Juice
Non-Alcoholic: Water, Organic Rockstar, Iced Tea (green or black, sweet or not)
Snack(s) of ChoiceBlack olives, tortilla chips & hot salsa, pretzels, chewy granola bars, cold cuts (turkey, pastrami, pepperoni, havarti, pepper jack, that sort of thing), hummus, chocolate chip cookies (who doesn’ t love ccc?)Pretzels, tortilla chips & hot salsa, Cold Cuts (turkey, pastrami, pepperoni,   pepper jack, that sort of thing), Hummus (especially on turkey), Goldfish, Potato Chips
Likes/InterestsLandsknecht Fiddly Bits/Culture, 11c Anglo Saxon Fiddly Bits/Culture, Dogs (they melt his brain), Period Coins (making/seeing/chatting about)Landsknecht Fiddly Bits/Culture, Rus/Slovic Fiddly Bits/Culture, Shield Art/Painting, Equestrian Arts, Dogs (best way to smile),
DislikesWhite Wine, Scented Soaps, PatchouliSweet scents
Food IssuesNo: Mushrooms
Dislikes: Raw Tomatoes, Mayo (MUCH ICK)
Drink Dislikes - Light or Hoppy beer, most hard liquor
No: Carrots, White Rice (american processed), Fake Sugars
Dislikes: Sweet pickles
Drink Dislikes: Hoppy Beer, Grape Anything



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