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Helpful West Kingdom Information Links

West Kingdom Branch Groups A listing of all the branch groups in the Kingdom of the West.

West Kingdom Officers A listing of West Kingdom Officers.

West Kingdom Grand Council The Grand Council is a standing advisory committee to the Board of Directors of the SCA Incorporated. It is charged with providing proposals and ideas to the Board of Directors on issues of change to the modern functioning of the SCA.

West Kingdom Guilds The Guilds are chartered organizations within the Kingdom of the West that promote a particular craft or skill. The contact person for each Guild is listed in the back of the Page. In addition, there are many other groups dedicated to the promotion of arts and sciences. Some focus on a single aspect while others are more broad reaching.

West Kingdom Artisan Network Social networking and information sharing about the Arts and Sciences

West Kingdom History The West Kingdom History Project is a place to help SCA members understand the history and traditions of the West Kingdom of the SCA, Inc. In addition, it is a place to see photographs, when they are provided, of people at events (putting names to faces, which is also fun). The History project is an ongoing project.

West Kingdom Library Is the location of numerous additional links, including SCA forms, laws, manuals, policies, waivers and much more.

West Kingdom Peerage Orders The SCA has four orders of peerage: the Order of Chivalry, recognizing high-levels of martial skill; the Order of the Laurel, recognizing excellence in the arts and/or sciences; the Order of the Pelican, recognizing outstanding service to the Kingdom, and Royal Peerages, recognizing service to the SCA by reigning as King/Queen or Prince/Princess.

Here is where we bust a few SCA Myths.