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The Grand Council


Apply to join the Grand Council. The Grand Council is a standing advisory committee to the Board of Directors of the SCA Incorporated. It is charged with providing proposals and ideas to the Board of Directors on issues of change to the modern functioning of the SCA.

The Grand Council is composed entirely of volunteers. These volunteers serve for a three year term, (with a limit of two consecutive terms). Each Kingdom may appoint a single representative to the Grand Council, with the remainder of the members gaining appointment from a list of volunteers who apply to the nomination committee.

The discussions of the Grand Council are conducted via an e-mail list. Only members of the council may post directly to the list, although anyone can post through a council member or through the moderator.

Here is where you can subscribe to the Grand Council mailing list. For further information on the Grand Council, a list of archives of previous discussions, a current roster of members, etc., please visit the Grand Council web site.




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