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Civil Unrest

Sunday April 27th, 2014
Marysville, California
Spring is here.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you can feel the need to go out, to make your presence felt, to expand your horizons, to… wait… what?  Your house is low on stores?  The smalls are driving you mad? The artisans are feeling “creative”? And you’re supposed to DO something about it?  Nag, nag nag, we need another cow, blah blah blah, there aren’t enough coins left…. But you wanted to go out with your sword-buddies!  How are you going to get the spoils you need to subsist and to still have time to prepare for tourney season?  What’s a warrior to do?

The only solution is to go raiding…. Time to go meet new and interesting people (and take their stuff).  The real question is… can you keep it?

Civil Unrest is a non-standard event. We have fighters, but we play a different kind of game as a break from tourney style events and wars. We embrace A&S artisans, but we take the competition to a different level… and we firmly believe the kids should have an active part to play too. Vakkerfjell embraces the spirit of the SCA with the “something for everyone” ideal and we are offering a wide variety of activities for everyone attending.

We will be providing “food on the fly” throughout the day (covered by site fee). Because this is a fast paced raiding event, the food will be hand held, easy to consume on the go and will not require feast gear… although you are welcome to bring yours if you feel less than barbaric. We are also providing a selection of various liquids (water, lemonade, lemon mint water, etc) so do bring your drinking vessels to stay hydrated!

The site has lovely shaded areas, but some areas are decidedly sunny. Sunshades and popups are encouraged!

How to Play:


Raiding parties are comprised of SCA legal (carded) fighters representing cantons, shires, provinces, households, war units or just general raiding groups. Teams of raiders must defend their holdings and acquire more property. Each team begins the round with a castle, livestock, and innocent bystanders to be protected – or kidnapped (all provided at site). During the round fighters must both defend their property and raid other castles. At the end of the round, the livestock are sold, the hostages ransomed and the income added to the team’s treasury. At the end of the day, the most successful raiding party wins. This year’s prize is extremely cool. You really want it. Trust us.


As was true last year, there will be an A&S competition to test the knowledge, skills and creativity of non-combatants. Contestants (teams or individuals) have the opportunity to acquire supplies from the raiding field. As is true of any raid, one cannot be certain what they’ll be getting. Could be beads, ribbons, cloth, yarn, wood or any number of other “things”. It is the mission of the non-combatants to create…. SOMETHING out of whatever they can gather – either during the initial A&S raid or later through …uhhh… other creative avenues of acquisition. The…THING… can either be a period item or an item made using period techniques. Created items will be voted on and coins awarded for the number of votes received. Awards for the results can be added to the treasury of a raiding party or part of its own A&S team. Again, as last year, there is an A&S prize. Of COURSE you want it. It’s awesome.


Children will also be called upon to assist in acquiring wealth. Vakkerfjell is infested…er… blessed with furry weasels which are traditionally hunted by stomping (to preserve their fabulous furs). Weasel Hunters will earn a gold coin (chocolate) as a vermin bounty for every weasel they can stomp and they can then opt to keep their weasel (they also make great pets!) or sell them for game coinage to add to the treasury of their teams... Skillful adult negotiators may actually manage to acquire one of these furry treasures to adorn themselves or to present as gifts to lucky recipients. There will also be prizes for the kids to keep them amused throughout the day.

AutocratsMyfanwy ferch Dafydd ap Madoc and Lleucu Bengam

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Fee: 
$10.00, kids under 13 free

From the south, make your best way to Hwy 70 (north) towards Marysville. Upon entering Marysville (very first light), get in the left lane and turn left onto 3rd Street. Stay in the left lane. Turn left onto F Street (the second left). The road forks. Take the right fork onto Biz Johnson Dr (it will be up a hill over the levy). Follow Biz Johnson. Site will be on your left. There will be SCA signs as well as a large wooden sign reading “Cotton Rosser’s Pavilion”. Very big sign. Hard to miss.

From the north, make your best way to Marysville. Upon entering Marysville, take a right on 14th Street (second light). Continue straight even though it looks like you are running out of street. Keep going. Trust us. Go under the railroad tracks and keep going. The road goes up a rise then hairpins around. Once you have completed the hairpin turn, you are on Biz Johnson and in the park. Follow carefully through the park, keeping left and avoiding soccer moms and kids. Keep going all the way through the park, following SCA signs. Just about the time you think you’re running out of park, there will be a large wooden sign reading “Cotton Rosser’s Pavilion” on your right.