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An Evening at Inverness

Tuesday September 16th, 2014 to Wednesday September 17th, 2014
Anchorage, Alaska

Welcome to Castle Inverness, legendary home of Lord MacBeth. Pay no mind to the rumours of strange happenings in and around the Castle. You will have perfectly wonderful time. (scary laughter) There will be tourneys of heavy and rapier, kilts, contests, kilts, food, kilts, dancing and did I mention kilts. Best death in both tourneys; best knees in a kilt, best use of plaid; scariest make-up/original mask. Also Quick the bard and other amusements. Be afraid. . .

Dinner will be potluck with beastie and bird furnished by the Castle. Bring enough for 8 or more – who knows what apparitions or spectral visitors may also attend. Potluck dishes are divided by your date of birth 1st thru 7th Bread, cheeses spreads; 8th thru 15th Veggies includes salads; 16 thru 21st Pasta/ rice; 22nd thru 30th Desserts; if born on the 31st bring what you want (Evil laugh here). Competition for cooking is Scottish food with documentation is best; also scariest name for your dish (exp – chili con carnage)

Come, if you dare, there is nothing to fear except ghosts, and goblins and things that go BUMP! In the night.

AutocratElspeth Bouchannane The Mad Baroness

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at Noon and Closes before 9
Site Fee: 
Baronial standard Adult to 13 years: $10: 12 to 3 $5 under 3 free.

Take your best route to Northern Lights Blvd;
If you are heading East: follow Northern Lights past Lake Otis, and just past the Wendler Jr. High school, on the right is the Church. Parking is behind, as event room is downstairs.
If you are heading West: follow Northern Lights west past Bragaw, past Goose Lake intersections. The Church will be just past the Goose Lake intersection on the Left. You will have to do a left U turn at Lovejoy Drive to get to the entrance which will then be on the right. Parking is behind, as event room is downstairs.
Signs will be up.