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Eskalya Samhein

Saturday October 28th, 2017
Anchorage, Alaska

Hogwarts Themed Samhein! Proudly display any of your Colors, whether it be Household, Baronial, Principality, or Kingdom.

There will be a Heavy and Rapier Captains Tourneys to choose the Captain of the Guards.

Contests: Your choice of Themed Colors
• Table settings: over all appeal and best representation of colors
• Banner: a new banner displaying your colors – documentation a plus Garb: new period garb displaying your colors -- documentation a plus
• For our Treasures: illuminated artwork (pages to be supplied) Largesse Derby
• Games: Quiddich, Wolf paw print Marauders Map, Quiddich races

So start your projects now and come display your colors proudly. Look forward to seeing everyone, and the wonderful array of colors we can produce.

Event Steward: Syr Viresse’ de Lighthaven (Kathy Judge); Phone: 907-223-2407; Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens: 11am and Closes: 9pm
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $15; Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10; Youth (Ages 5-16): $5; Children (Under 5): Free.

Take your best route to Northern Lights Blvd;
If you are heading East: follow Northern Lights past Lake Otis, and just past the Wendler Jr. High school, on the right is the Church. Parking is behind, as event room is downstairs.
If you are heading West: follow Northern Lights west past Bragaw, past Goose Lake intersections. The Church will be just past the Goose Lake intersection on the Left. You will have to do a left U turn at Lovejoy Drive to get to the entrance which will then be on the right. Parking is behind, as event room is downstairs.
Signs will be up.