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Westermark Madness

Sunday August 29th, 2021

Knights versus Pirates? MADNESS! Westermark Madness, in truth. But there are no Pirates here, perhaps some Privateers, a few honest Merchantmen. Join the crew for a day of fighting, quests, bardic, and food! We will have a quest (for the knights) and a treasure hunt (for the pirates). Knights will run the Thug and Champion tournaments and Sailors the fencing.

For more Arts and Sciences a class list will be available at the event. If there is something you would like to teach, please reach out and let us know.

Potluck feast: Bring the best Knightly foods or best Pirating deserts or High seas dishes to share! Please make ingredients list available for those with food allergies. Sea Serpent, I mean Tri-tip, will be provided by the Baron and Baroness of the Westermark, cooked to perfection by some of our best chefs!!

Children on leashes and dogs running wild, oh, wait, that’s... those heathens!! Children welcome and PETS ON LEASHES. Please bring doggy bags for unmentionables.

Start Time: 
Opens at 9 AM and closes at 7 PM