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Eskalya Baroness's Champion

Friday August 19th, 2022 to Sunday August 21st, 2022
Anchorage, Alaska

Oyez, oyez! Draw nigh and pay heed!

For too long the current Champions of Eskalya have sat on our Titles through the plague. We have grown restless, and with Her Excellency's blessing, we would seek all challengers to test your hand against the current Champions at this Grand Camping Event!

Arts and Sciences, Archery, Rapier, and Heavy champions are all putting our titles on the line to let new champions rise.

Come watch our fighters take part in the year's first torchlight tourney as a warm-up! Join House Tundra Weasel in the Traveling Tavern and Alfresco Lounge for Bardics, shenanigans, and BBQ potluck!

• Artisans! The Baroness' whim is Plague Doctor in any mode!

• Archers! Prepare your bows and train your eyes as you test your speed and accuracy at distance.

• Rapier Swordsman! Limber up and put your speed and accuracy to the test before challenging your fellow fighters.

• Heavy fighters! Test your mettle and might as you engage in feats of strength and endurance before fighting for the prize.

Come camp out, eat, drink, sing, and be merry as we celebrate coming out of the Plague stronger than ever!

Event Steward: Kollr Ulfsson (Kamden Richards) — Phone: 907-202-0277— Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Gate opens 6pm 8/19, and closes 5pm 8/21
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult SCA Member Registration: $20, Minors are free

Take your best route to Tudor Rd. and head towards Elmore Rd.
If coming from the West, take a right after View Cir (almost directly across from the Wendy’s) at Tozier Track or after the track itself if you miss the first one.
Coming from the East, take a left on Elmore and the immediate right at Tozier Track.
Look for the SCA sign for parking