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Allyshia Lupercalia

Saturday February 4th, 2023
Arcata, California

Come to the Northern Border of the Kingdom to see who stands above all others to earn the right to be the next Baron and Baroness of Allyshia. Do you have what it takes to win? Allyshia will be running its traditional three part tournament to see who will reign in the Land of the Sealion. The style of fighting for the tournament will be announced by the Baron the day of the tournament.

In addition to the coronet tournament, each competition will also be a prize tournament, but you need not enter for the coronet to participate and win the prizes.

The Arts competition, both coronet and prize, will be a composed chronicle of the sitting Coronets' reign, in a period style, completed on site from memory.
The Science competition will be a map of either the known world or kingdom, also completed on site from memory.  Choice of which map is decided by the Baron and Baroness on the day.
Both the Arts and Science competitions are judged blind by Their Excellencies and former Barons and Baronesses, so they must be able to be presented without the participant present.

After all these competitive endeavors, a poachers feast will be held with the Barony providing the meat dish. Those wishing to participate are asked to bring a side dish.

There will also be the opportunity for classes through the day.

Come to the Lands of the Northern Marches, join us as we shake off the winter's cold and choose who will sit on the thrones of Allyshia.

Event Steward: Reinold Haldane (Brian Schwartzberg)  — E-mail: — Phone: 707-441-9058

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Registration: $20; Adult Member Registration: $15; Children 17 and under free; $40 family cap

From 101 going North: Take exit 714a, then turn right onto 14th street. Turn right onto C street, right on 13th, then right on D.

From 101 going South: Take the exit 714, then turn left onto Sunset Ave. Turn Right onto LK Wood, then left onto 14th street. Turn right onto C street, right on 13th, then right on D.