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Wolfscairn Midwinter Fae Fête

Saturday January 21st, 2023
Santa Rosa, California

Have you heard the tinkling of bells on the breeze, seen mushroom rings popping up throughout the fields, hear the music drifting through the leaves of the ancient oak trees, or perhaps feel the mists that swirl and dance between sea and land, marsh and forest? Can you see the shadowy figures gathering?

Ahhh, the space between the worlds calls. There is a rumor the veil will be open for one night. Would you dare to enter?

The Lady of the White Hart has been called upon to once again sound the horn, this time to gather the courts, at a magical woodland hall, resplendent in gold and silver, suns and moons, oak leaves and holly. A place of magic and mischief.

Mortals and fae are invited to compete, game, dance, feast, and frolic. Goblins watch with hungry eyes while dryads and beasties move through the woodlands beckoning you to follow.

Are you ready to answer the call and experience the splendors of the fae realm? Well, now is your chance. Visit us at the Midwinter Fae Fête hosted by the Shire of Wolfscairn.

All activities will start promptly at the stated time so plan accordingly.
Heavy, Rapier and CT Tournaments 10 am.
Children’s contest: Build a fairy ring 10-11 am
Games of Chance (all ages) 11 am to 1 pm
Treasure Hunt (all ages) 11-2 pm
Period mask Contest. Judged at 1 pm
Costume Contest and Parade (Fae inspired) at 2 pm
Grand Raffle and Prizes 4 pm
Table Decorating Contest Fae themed. Judged at 3:30 pm
Dancing noon-1 pm and 6-7 pm
Feast 5 pm
Site closes 8:30 pm
All the contests and tournaments are fae inspired, so have a little fun and let your imagination, creativity and whimsy guide you.

To reserve a place in the feast hall you must have a ticket. On Board reservation includes the feast. Ticket cost per adult is $10.00; children 11-17 is $5.00 per child; children 10 and under: free.
Off board reservation is free but you must provide your own meals.

Event Steward: Duchess Maurya Sableswan (Suzan Lupejkis) — Phone: 925-771-0572 — Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
9 am to 8:30 pm
Site Fee: 
Adult registration: $15.00; Adult member registration: $10.00; Children (17 and under): free.

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