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Bids for New Peerage Cloaks


Unto the artisans of the West Kingdom does the West Kingdom Regalia Minister send warm greetings!  Bids are now open for new Kingdom peerage cloaks!  If you are interested in making the next Pelican, Laurel, or Master of Defense Cloak - or all three! - please submit a bid no later than the Sunday of Autumn Crown to, *ideally* using the bid form (readily editable in Microsoft Word) so that all of the information is clearly presented.

The criteria that the bids will be assessed against is posted here as well for reference.

We look forward to seeing the works that the Kingdom artisans bring forth!
In Service,
Marguerite du Royon,
Regalia Minister

Q: Can the cloaks be a different shape that the sketch templates you provided?
A: Yes!  Those are just examples I quickly put together to help the drawing-impaired.

Q: Do I have to bid on all three?
A: No!  Bid on 1, 2, or all 3 cloaks - whatever inspires you.

Q: Can a team put together a bid with multiple artisans?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Who will be assessing these bids and how do I sign up to be a 'judge'?
A: Any member of the populace who has not submitted a bid may sign up for the cloak committee.  They will evaluate the bids separately within 1 week of receipt, participate in 1-2 conference calls, and make a *recommendation for selection* to the Regalia Committee (per Kingdom Law this is the A&S minister, the exchequer, and Regalia officer).  Only the Regalia Committee can make actual decisions on regalia, which are then referred to the Financial Committee. It's all very official. :-)

Q: Do I have to front the cost of materials if my bid is selected?
A: No, the Kingdom can purchase the materials if needed or reimburse a receipt, whatever is easiest.