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The Kingdom of the West - Webminister Reporting Guidelines

Webminister Reporting

West Kingdom WebministerPrincipality, Baronial, and Local Webministers

Baronial and local webministers are required to submit a report on internet updates/revisions/changes based on a six month time frame, slightly off-set from the "reign" reporting format required of the Principality Webministers. These reports are due to the respective Principality Webminister of the region their branch group resides within, by two months prior to the Kingdom Officer meetings. Baronial and local webministers within the Principality of Cynagua report to the Cynaguan Webminister. Baronial and local webministers within the boundries of the Principality of the Mists report to the Mists Webminister. Baronial and local webministers within the boundries of the Oerthan Principality send your reports to the Oerthan webminister. At this point in time, all Far West webministers are required to submit a six month status/tracking report direct to the Kingdom Webminister, bi-annually (one per reign period). Principality Webminister reporting schedules are on a six month "one per reign" basis. The Principality reports are due to the Kingdom Webminister one month prior to each Kingdom officer meeting. There is basic HTML code available to make the reporting/tracking/submission process easier. For a copy of the available code contact the Kingdom Webminister.

Webminister Code of Conduct:
 I. The Kingdom Webminister reserves the right to hold any individual Principality, Baronial, and local webminister to a higher, more restricted reporting schedule, as needs dictate.
 II. Mis-use/mis-conduct of email lists will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate removal of that individual from at least one or possibly more email lists.
III. By accepting the position of branch Webminister in the Kingdom of the West, with its attendant responsibilities, and able to indicate membership in the SCA, Inc. in order to hold an office; You also indicate you intend to keep your membership current during your term in office. Your term in office will typically run for two years from the acceptance/granting of the postion.
 IV. The responsibilities of a Webminister include (but are not limited to) being the Internet representative of your branch, creating and maintaining branch web pages, assisting other officers in the fulfillment of their internet related duties, serviing as contact for newcomer's to the SCA, Inc. via the internet and your website. Reporting as required by the Kingdom Officer, Principality Officers, and to the Branch officers, and resigning/releasing the office properly when you wish to leave the office.