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Coronet Bids

Solicitation of Bids for New West Kingdom Heirs Coronets

Unto the Artisans and  Populace of the Known World: The West Kingdom is soliciting bids for new Western Heirs Coronets.This is to replace the previous Coronets that were lost during COVID-19 lockdowns.

The new set of Heirs (Prince and Princess) coronets should reflect the rich history of the Kingdom. They must be designed to stand up to the rigorous travel schedule of the West Kingdom Heirs, who take multiple trips prior to stepping up as King and Queen. They should be low maintenance and durable, able to withstand rigorous use with minimal repair. Air travel should be factored into the design.

Depending on the bids received, commentary & feedback may be solicited from the populace, and updated bids may be requested.

The regalia committee will be taking bids from April 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022.

This is a request for all interested artisans to submit bids to consisting of:
1) a clear schematic drawing (to scale) or photo that accurately depicts the design elements of the Coronets

2) the materials that will be used

3) a description of the construction methods /process and /or period piece the coronets are based on

4) the cost, including all materials and labor

5) the time required to deliver the finished coronets

The anticipated timeline for this process is as follows:

April 1- May 31st: Request Heirs Coronets Bids

June 11th 2022 (Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney) : Earliest date for Decision on Coronets bid

June 11-July 10, 2022  (Kingdom Officers Meeting /Regalia Committee Meeting) : Potential timeframe to solicit Populace feedback/ comment on bid(s)

July 10- August 26 2022 (Purgatorio Coronation): Potential timeframe to revise bid(s) if needed

August 27 2022 (Purgatorio Coronation): Latest date for final Decision on Coronets bids

Thank you for taking the time to submit a bid! Please contact Rachael Keish at with any questions.

In Service,
Regalia Committee