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Event Steward Timeline and Information

This page is intended as a resource for all Event Stewards both new and experienced.

All timeframes are fluid and may shift based on circumstances. The timeframes listed are the ideal and should be adhered to as closely as possible.

1 year prior to event

- You can help search for sites!  See a list of site requirements *here*.

- Contact the West Kingdom site coordinator *here* to discuss potential sites (we may already have the information), get assistance with gathering information for/communicating with site or site related questions.

  • Feast Planner/Head Cook selected (if needed)

6 months prior to event

  • Confirm contract signed by Seneschal and received by the site
  • Read the contract
  • Confirm any deposit required was sent in by the Exchequer and received by the site

*Note-ALL site rentals require a contract. Even if the site says it’s “ok”, a contract must still be drawn up and signed by the site and the Seneschal. This protects both the SCA and the site. Deposits should not be sent until the contract is signed. If the venue does not have it's own contract (rare), you can use this generic contract *here*. It must still be signed by the Seneschal. Contact the Site Coordinator for assistance if needed.

  • Insurance request requirements- full instructions for the request can be found *here*.

-Prior to sending request, determine if the site needs a “Named Insured”. (The site will provide the wording that needs to go on the certificate. If named insured is needed, there will be a fee. The Exchequer will write the check and it must accompany the request, or the insurance fee may be paid by credit card to SCA, Inc. and reimbursed by the branch. SCA corporate office PREFERS electronic Insurance Cert requests with a Visa to charge the fee to.)

-Equestrian activities require an additional activation fee that must be sent in at the same time as the regular request. Site may need a “Named Insured” (The site will provide the wording that needs to go on the certificate. If named insured is needed, there will be a fee. The Exchequer will write the check and it must accompany the request, or the insurance fee may be paid by credit card to SCA, Inc. and reimbursed by the branch. SCA corporate office PREFERS electronic Insurance Cert requests with a Visa to charge the fee to.)

  • Work with the Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer to develop a budget for the event. The office of the exchequer has created a budgeting spreadsheet with attendance numbers and other costs that will not only let you know what is a reasonable quote, but has a sheet to enter costs to see how the numbers actually play out. You can find the sheet here.
  • Determine if the event will have pre-registration or need to sell tickets (

90 days prior to event

  • Determine Activities- work with the officers and the Royalty. Keep in mind certain events have specific activities that must happen that are not the “main event”. For example, the Lord Defender Tournament at Cynaguan Spring Coronet, ; the Kingdom Rapier Championship and the Bard of the West competition at Beltane Coronation.


              Heavy (West kingdom marshal), 

              Rapier (kingdom rapier marshal),                            

              Youth Combat (west kingdom youth marshal)

        -Archery (West kingdom minister of the bow)

        -Equestrian (West kingdom EQ officer)

        -Youth Point (West Kingdom Youth Minister)

        -Merchants (WK Merchant Coordinator)

        -A&S Activities and Competitions

               Arts and Sciences officer (competitions? Displays?)

               Wooden/Copper/Silver Spoon minister (cooking/food or beverage competition)

               Pied d’Argent (dance competition)

        -Special activities from Royals

Contact the Head of Court or the Royalty directly to determine any special activities (tournaments, parties, etc.)


  • Prepare Event Copy-Page Copy (Requirements) and Website/Social Media Website/Social media pages can expand upon the Page copy but will always have the same basic information – send to to be distributed to all venues

    -Event Activities (very brief for Page. Expanded on website/SM)

    -Site Restrictions (both)

    -Site Location and Directions (both)

    -Site open and close times (both)

    -Site Fees & Parking Fees (both)

    -Gate closing time-noting when gate will stop taking payments (both)

    -Site Amenities (website/SM)

    -Amenities Near Site (gas, food, lodging, etc.) (website/SM)

  • Organize and review any paper documents-insurance certificates, copies of the contract etc.
  • Review Event Budget
  • Work with Seneschal and Exchequer on number of port-a-potties, and wash stations needed, as well as what size dumpster is needed. Examples of past orders - PDF icon privy.pdf

60 Days prior to event

  • Submit Page copy and website/sm copy to email.  (you can send it all in one message. This email will get to the Seneschal, Chronicler, Web Minister and Social Media officer. Note: This is the deadline. You SHOULD send at least the Page copy in before the first day of the month TWO months prior to the event month (ie. October events should have page copy in the September Page, so need to be sent in before August 1)
  • Advertise Event - Follow this link to an excellent article written by Sir Helga Skjaldmaer on marketing SCA events.

    -Kingdom Calendar

Webpage content on the calendar will be created from email above. Any changes or updates needed should be sent to

      -Facebook Event Page

Created by social media officer once above email received. Once you are set as an admin for the “FB event”, you can make updates and changes as needed. This page may be shared on the various group pages to promote the event.

       -SCA_West yahoo group

Event info sent to will be posted to SCA_West by the Communications office.

Organize event staff and helpers

     -Emergency deputy (takes charge should you have an emergency and need to leave site)

     -Your Support Crew (Feeds you, hydrates you, etc.)

     -Set Up Crew

     -Site Maintenance Crew (port-a-potty checks-toilet paper, garbage bag change-out)

     -Clean-Up Crew (can be the same as set-up crew)

  • Get quotes for Port-a-potties/wash stations, dumpster, hay bales and any other major equipment needed.Privy and Dumpster companies: ask when they EXPECT payment – so you know whether payment is expected by credit card (and then reimbursed by the sponsoring branch), in the mail or Overnight mail, or to the event steward for on-site delivery when they drop off. Every privy and refuse company is different. Send quotes and other pertinent information to Seneschal and Exchequer for review and approval.
  • Plan Site Tokens (optional)

-Can be anything from simple ribbons to fancier tokens. Can be made by anyone willing to do so.

-Here are couple of examples made by Baroness Meash White *Token 1, Token 2*

  • Plan Thank You Gifts (optional)
  • Gather information for Site Layout

     -Gate/Entrance (Constables)

     -Port-a-potty placement (ensure room enough for service truck to access-needs 10-15 foot road in front of the units with ability to get in and out of the space.)

     -List Field

Standard dimensions, 100x200 feet with a 10’ wide road around the entire field and 15’ wide roads coming off each corner. These allow emergency vehicles access if needed.

Space Reservations on List field (Painted signs are available for Kingdom events from the Seneschal. Signs will need to be created for events at other levels) *Sizes subject to change as new pavilions are purchased. 

                       Royal Pavilion (35 feet)

                       Heralds (30 feet)


                       Marshals (20 feet)

                       Chatelaine/Publick House (confirm with group running it)

                       Event Steward (if you have a period tent/sunshade)

Space Reservations on roads just off the list field. Confirm the frontage with the officer.

                       Arts &Sciences

                       Gold Key 

Merchants (space reserved depends on number of merchants and the size of their set up) will be anchored on one corner of the list field at all Kingdom events – can be interior or exterior corner depending on terrain and number of merchants)

    -War Field (work with Marshal in Charge for layout)

    -Archery/Thrown Weapons area (

40 yards to shoot in, 20 yards behind and 10 yards in front means 70 yards out from the corner.

30 Days prior to the event

  • Check in with Site Contacts

   -Reconfirm reservation and payment

   -Check for any changes

   -Check on site condition (walk the site, if possible)

  • Place orders for port-a-potties/wash stations, dumpster and other equipment
  • Check in with Officers    

Ask if they have any special requirements or activities. Remember, while you are there to help with things related to the site, they should handle the rest of what they need for the event.

   -Royals (Special plans, requirements, etc.)

   -Constable/Gate (Constable to coordinate Gate money with Exchequer)


   -Marshal (Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian, Youth)



   -Gold Key

   -Chatelaine/Publick House

   -Merchant Coordinator (you will need the approximate frontage of all merchants attending in order to mark off enough space)

  • Ensure support system is in place

   -Emergency deputy (takes charge should you have an emergency and need to leave site)

   -People to help feed and water you. This can be a lifesaver as it is very easy to forget to eat and drink when you’re busy!

   -Volunteers to help with set-up, port-a-potty checks, and tear down/site clean up.

  • Continue to promote event (social media, at other events etc.)
  • Generate and post a site map (Sample Map) include off limits areas (Scribble works well for this)
  • Create schedule Get schedule from Royalty (if attending). Add in other activities not being run by the royals like archery, competitions etc.  and post to social media and the website. (be flexible here. The Royals may not have it done a month ahead of time)
  • Create site handout with schedule of activities and other important information
  • Make list of supplies needed - supplies listed below pertain to outdoor camping events

Note: There are supplies available for Kingdom events. Check with the Seneschal or Event Steward for the last kingdom event before purchasing. (Save your receipts if you do purchase supplies as they are reimbursable)

   -Wooden garden stakes (70-100)

   -Brightly colored construction tape

   -Long measuring tape (at least 50’)

   -Hammer (good to have a few for helpers)


   -Duct tape

   -List field signs (Painted signs are available for Kingdom events from the Seneschal. Signs will need to be created for events at other levels)

   -Parking signs (you can make these out of whatever medium you choose)

-Royal Parking-can be specific to royal if actual parking lot spaces available ie: King and Queen, Prince of Cynagua etc. Should be placed at the front/beginning of the parking area.

-Disabled Parking-placed at the front of the parking area or, if room, in a separate area closer to the main event activities.

-Event Steward-a space just for you!

-General Parking-parking for EVERYONE else except the above groups.

   -Wooden directional signs (WK has a few. You can also make other, non-wood ones)

   -Toilet paper (around 3 of the large 30 roll packs)

   -Glow sticks for port-a-potties (enough for one in each port-a-potty per night)

   -Notebook/paper and clipboard


One Week prior to the event

  • Communicate any last-minute changes/updates to the appropriate officers/royals/populace
  • Check in with Volunteers to reconfirm
  • Check in with Site Contact

    -Confirm Time you will be onsite to set-up

    -Coordinate picking up any keys needed

    -Discuss any last-minute items that may have come up

  • Finalize Site Layout

     -List Field location w reserved spaces marked

     -Parking, Reserved parking (Royals, Event Steward, Disabled Parking locations)

     -Port-a-Potty and dumpster locations (Accessibility for pump trucks, turn-arounds)

     -Merchants Row

     -Archery/Thrown Weapons Area

     -Other areas of note (off limit areas, hazards etc.)

  • Confirm drop off times for dumpster and port-a-potties
  • Create all signs needed (list field, parking, directional etc.)
  • Supplies purchased (save the receipts!)
  • Finalize and print Hand-Outs
  • Have site tokens and thank-you gifts ready (if applicable)
  • Finalize schedule and post

The Day before the event     

  • Get the keys and/or instructions from Site Manager
  • Last minute communications read and addressed, announcements and updates posted as needed
  • Gather and pack equipment and supplies
  • Plan leave time early enough to arrive at site by 8am

The Day of the event (Set-up)


  • Last Minute Check of Communications
  • Meet with set-up crew to discuss set-up plans and duties throughout the event
  • Meet with Site contact if needed
  • Put up directional signs
  • Mark out list field and roads with stakes and construction tape (100’x200’) Measure, mark off and label reserved spaces
  • Mark off merchant’s row if needed
  • Meet with Constable

   -Show where they are to set-up gate

   -Show where the parking is, point out reserved and handicap parking sections

   -Discuss off-limits areas, fire restrictions if applicable, any parking accommodations made etc.

  • Layout parking with stakes and tape, labeling reserved and HC areas.
  • Direct port-a-potty and dumpster drivers to where they need to place the units.
  • Mark off any space around the port-a-potties needed to ensure service truck can access
  • List Field Layout

   -Designate a volunteer to take a layout of the list field to the early arrival line and have them choose their spot in the order they arrived. Mark the frontage measurement on the layout with the name of the group/person.

  • Do not leave site- Send someone to get things if items are forgotten etc. If a personal emergency occurs and you must leave, activate your emergency deputy and notify the Seneschal.

Throughout the event

  • Remain Accessible-do not leave site. Send someone to get things if items are forgotten, run out etc. If a personal emergency occurs and you must leave, activate your emergency deputy and notify the Seneschal.
  • Ensure volunteers are checking the port-a-potties
  • Ensure glowsticks get into each port-a-potty every night at dusk
  • Get on court business via the herald for announcements as needed.
  • Utilize the herald/town cry as needed to inform the populace of issues etc. (Needing to move cars from inappropriate places, don’t wash your dishes in the bathroom sink etc.)
  • Take receipts for supplies to the Exchequer to be reimbursed.

The End of the event

  • Meet with clean-up crew to discuss clean-up plans
  • Remove all signs posted on the port-a-potties/dumpster
  • Give all lost and found to Constable
  • Remove remaining signs and tape
  • Site walk-through to pick up garbage, look for unknown issues etc.
  • Return keys and any other items to Site Manager
  • Do not leave site until the last person has left

Event Follow Up


Send a follow-up report about the event to Seneschal for future reference. Note any issues with site or site staff, trouble with getting port-a-potties serviced etc.

To print a quick reference checklist, click here.


Please address all comments or suggestions to