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Kingdom Information

The SCA was founded in the West Kingdom back in 1966 when a few friends who were history buffs and science fiction fantasy fans hosted a big outdoor party in Berkeley, California. People were in costume, there was food, drink, revelry, and the first tournament was held. Everyone enjoyed it so much that they planned another event, and then another. As time went on word of the SCA spread via friends and fandom. In the third year the East Kingdom was founded, distinguishing it from the West Kingdom. The Californians incorporated the SCA as a non-profit educational society, and since then the Society has grown to nineteen kingdoms in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. 

The West Kingdom is made up of areas from Northern and Central California, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Japan, South Korea, Guam and Thailand.

Kingdom activities include:

  • Arts and Sciences - events emphasize the exhibition and /or competition of various artistic skills and research of SCA members. Guilds and other groups hold meetings to teach such subjects as dance, cooking, armor making, needlework, music, and more.
  • Tournaments - where the martial arts of the Middle Ages are displayed.
  • Feasts & Revels - where medieval food, drink and entertainment are sampled.
  • Universities and Collegiums  - classes on subjects dealing with either the "Current Middle Ages" or the pre-seventeenth century world are taught by members at events.  

In addition to the historic aspect of research and re-creation, the SCA also encourages chivalry, courtesy, honor, and graciousness. The SCA is a Volunteer group, so step up, volunteer, and have fun!

Branch Groups or local groups can be called Baronies, Shires, Cantons, or Colleges, depending on size, are organized in the same way as the Kingdom. Each group has its own Seneschal, Herald, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Marshal, Chirurgeon and so on. These officers answer to the Crown, as well as to the local populace.

Royalty & Officers View Officers pages and see who the current Kingdom Royalty is.

Guilds The Guilds are chartered organizations within the Kingdom of the West that promote a particular craft or skill.

Artisan Network Social networking and information sharing about the Arts and Sciences. The Artisan Network website is not an official SCA website.

History Project The West Kingdom History Project is a site that details the history and traditions of the West Kingdom. It is also a resource to see photographs of people taken at events. The History Project website is not an official SCA website.

The SCA has five Orders of Peerage:

  • Order of Chivalry, recognizing high-levels of martial skill
  • Order of the Laurel, recognizing excellence in the arts and/or sciences
  • Order of the Pelican, recognizing outstanding service to the Kingdom
  • Order of Defense, recognizing high-levels of martial skill - webpage forthcoming.
  • Royal Peerages, recognizing service to the SCA by reigning as King/Queen or Prince/Princess

Here is where we bust a few SCA Myths.

West Kingdom Resources List

West Kingdom Laws and Policies