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Cotton Rosser Pavilion (Cotton Rosser Arena Pavilion, Marysville CA 95901)

Cotton Rosser Arena Pavilion
95901 Marysville , CA

From the south, make your best way to Hwy 70 (north) towards Marysville. Upon entering Marysville (very first light), get in the left lane and turn left onto 3rd Street. Stay in the left lane. Turn left onto F Street (the second left). The road forks. Take the right fork onto Biz Johnson Dr (it will be up a hill over the levy). Follow Biz Johnson. Site will be on your left. There will be SCA signs as well as a large wooden sign reading “Cotton Rosser’s Pavilion”. Very big sign. Hard to miss.

From the north, make your best way to Marysville. Upon entering Marysville, take a right on 14th Street (second light). Continue straight even though it looks like you are running out of street. Keep going. Trust us. Go under the railroad tracks and keep going. The road goes up a rise then hairpins around. Once you have completed the hairpin turn, you are on Biz Johnson and in the park. Follow carefully through the park, keeping left and avoiding soccer moms and kids. Keep going all the way through the park, following SCA signs. Just about the time you think you’re running out of park, there will be a large wooden sign reading “Cotton Rosser’s Pavilion” on your right.

Past events at this site: