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Yuba College Soccer Practice Field (2088 N Beale Rd, Marysville CA 95901)

2088 N Beale Rd
95901 Marysville , CA

GPS Systems DO find this site.

Make your best way towards Marysville. On Hwy 70 south of Marysville, take N. Beale Rd Exit.

  • From the South (Northbound Hwy 70) - At the end of the exit ramp, right onto Lindhurst Ave.

  • From the North (Southbound Hwy 70) - Merge onto Lindhurst Ave.

Continue Southbound on Lindhurst Ave, stay in the center lane. Turn left onto N. Beale Rd at large, clearly marked intersection past Wal-Mart Shopping center. Continue east on N. Beale Rd approximately 1.6 miles. Yuba College is located on the right. At the third light turn right into the West Parking lot. Drive straight (south) to the back of the lot. There is a small almost hidden road in the left back (southeast) corner of the lot (see map) which will allow you to drive to the site. This little road is for loading and unloading only. Parking in the west lot is free.


**********************IMPORTANT SITE DETAILS ********************

Yuba College Police Dept. DOES patrol campus and they WILL cite you for parking in a reserved space or non designated parking spaces. There is room to drive to the site and unload, but parking MUST be in the lot. As a college campus, alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Again, the PD does patrol campus regularly. There are no weapons allowed on college campuses and there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in effect. Fighter gear is considered "sporting equipment" for purposes of this event, however edged weapons are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. *** NO LIVE STEEL (this includes belt daggers, feast gear daggers, etc)***! There is a kid's play area nearby, but only a few trees on the field.


Past events at this site: