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Principality of Oertha Arts and Sciences

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  • Principality of Oertha Art's and Science Officer : Baroness Cempestrae of Winter's Gate

The Oerthan Art and Sciences Championship consists of a series of six competitions over the course of the Principality annual event calendar. This is to determine the individual with the foremost skill in the medieval Arts and Sciences.

Starting with Summer Coronet and Investiture, one competition will be scheduled each Coronet and one at each of four events within the Principality. Each competition will draw from one of six categories:

  • Textile Arts: Clothing, weaving, needlework, etc.
  • Domestic Arts and Sciences: Small items, cooking, herbcraft, brewing, etc.
  • Technological Sciences: Armor, casting, metal working, skeletal materials, etc.
  • Studio Arts: Bookbinding, glass work, calligraphy, illumination, paper making, etc.
  • Performing Arts: Arts which are performed.
  • Research: Research papers and presentations.

To be eligible for the Championship, a competitor must enter a minimum of four of the six competitions. The competitor with the highest total of four scores will be named Champion. Individual competitions will be open to all; however, the Champion must reside with the Principality. The winner is awarded a Lumen Borealis at the Summer Coronet and Investiture following the last competition, and styled the Oerthan Champion of Arts and Sciences.

  • Studio Art: Illumination 
    Fall Captaincy (Winter's Gate) 9/3/2016
  • Domestic Arts and Sciences: Syrups 
    Hop-tu-Naa (Eskalya) 10/22/2016
  • Textile: Small Item of Clothing 
    Yule (Selviergard) 12/3/2016
  • Performing Arts: A Story of a Hero, Saint, or God 
    Winter Coronet (Principality) 1/21/2017
  • Research Paper: Open Topic 
    March Madness (Eskalya) 3/?/2017
  • Technological: Bone, Antler, or Wooden Combs 
    Spring Captaincy (Winter's Gate) 5/?/2017