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Merchant Guidlines


September 2016, A.S.  LI


These guidelines apply to those specific West Kingdom-sponsored events where merchants are allowed on site to sell: Crown Tournaments, Coronations and West-An Tir Wars hosted by the West. Unless otherwise offered, there will be no merchanting allowed at any other West Kingdom-sponsored events without prior approval from the Kingdom Seneschal.


When selling at these specified West Kingdom-sponsored events, merchants agree to abide by the laws of the West Kingdom and all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations including but not limited to the West Kingdom Fire Policy, the regulations of the California State Board of Equalization, California’s “no smoking” laws, Federal Laws which criminalize Marijuana and the following guidelines.


A. Legal and Fiscal Guidelines:


1. Merchants are responsible for obtaining all required permits and licenses needed to conduct their business and are responsible for paying all sales and other excise taxes due to the state. Adherence to these legal requirements is not the responsibility of the SCA Inc., the West Kingdom, or their agents.


2. All merchants wishing to sell at West Kingdom-sponsored events must possess a valid and up-to-date seller's permit issued by the California Board of Equalization as well as the “specific site” seller's permit issued by the California Board of Equalization. Each merchant must also have a copy of these BOE permits in their immediate possession and available at each event; they will also be required to show these permits to the Constabulary at the gate of the event at the time of entry and to any mundane authorities at the event when requested. If a merchant does not possess a copy of these valid and up-to-date BOE’s seller's permits in their immediate possession, that merchant will not be allowed to enter the event as a merchant and is thereby prohibiting from selling merchandise or other tangibles at the event in question. In terms of 12th Night Coronations, all merchants must tender a copy of their BOE seller's permits with the autocrat along with their merchant fees prior to being given a “reservation” and allocated space at this indoor event.


3. In addition to the sellers permits issued by the California BOE, each vendor must fill out and bring a copy of Form 410-D from the BOE.  This document can currently be found at: .  This document has to be given to the Constabulary before the merchant is allowed to set up.  The seller’s permit and Form 410-D must be double checked by the Autocrat or assigned representative to ensure they are accurate and the seller's permit is valid.


4. Unless otherwise stated, merchant booth fees are a flat $20 for 25’ frontage for West Kingdom events with the exception of Twelfth Night Coronation and Western-hosted West-An Tir Wars, which may require either a different fee structure or additional fees. If a booth has a frontage wider than 25’, the fee will be $40 (e.g., a booth with a 30’ frontage will be charged $40).


5. All merchant fees (merchant fees and site fees) will be collected by the West Kingdom Constabulary at the gate at the time the merchant enters the site and prior to setting up. There will be no latitude for merchants to pay after set-up or at a time later in the event. Additionally, all merchants (and each individual associated with that merchant) are required to pay the posted site fee; all site fees must be paid and all sign-in paperwork must be completed at gate and tendered to the Constable at gate prior to a merchant’s entry onto the event site.


6. Upon payment of merchant and site fees, a receipt will be given by the Constabulary. That receipt must be maintained throughout the duration of the event, made available upon request at the merchant’s booth and may be checked by a warranted constable, the Kingdom Seneschal or the Kingdom Exchequer.


7. In general, advanced arrangements are not required for most West Kingdom-sponsored events; however, advanced arrangements will be required for Twelfth Night Coronation in January and Western-hosted West-An Tir War in July. Payment of merchant fees for these events will usually take place in advance; payment of site fees may be made in advance through whatever system is set by the Kingdom or may be paid on site at the gate.


8. Merchant set-up is between 10am and 9pm on set-up day unless otherwise specified or agreed to with the autocrat and constable. Upon arrival, merchants should check in with the Constable at gate prior to beginning set-up. All merchant space (except at Twelfth Night) is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


B. Booth and Merchandise Guidelines:


1. The West Kingdom is a nonprofit historical education organization and part of the SCA Inc. Merchants should be aware that their target audience is primarily interested in medieval or renaissance-style goods and in items that are useful in historical re-creation. The list below includes some of the items which are not allowed on Merchant Row due a desire to maintain a medieval ambiance:

• loud gas generators

• trailers

• voice amplification devices

• vehicles

• adult merchandise openly displayed


2. Merchants should make a reasonable attempt at wearing medieval or renaissance garb, and should work to have their booth appear appropriate to the event. Additional efforts could include disguising mundane tents and pop-ups or taking steps to hide mundane items such as electronics, metal table legs and plastic containers. Ultimately, the West Kingdom would ask you to use your best judgment and discretion in setting up and operating your booth.


3. Per kingdom law and tradition, modern tents must not be visible from the list field.


4. As all sites and events vary, merchants need to abide by any special instructions or rules specific to the site as well as the instructions of the royalty, autocrat, constables, exchequer and seneschal.


5. If merchants post advertisements at an event, they must first get the approval of the autocrat; merchants are responsible for the removal of the advertisements and for any damage caused by the posting of those advertisements.


C. General Guidelines:


1. Smoking is not allowed on merchant row (inside or outside booths) or in the walkway around the list field. This includes the times during set-up and tear- down. These spaces are considered “public areas” and smoking is not permitted by the conventions of the West Kingdom. Note that some sites and localities may prohibit smoking entirely. In terms of “medical marijuana” (i.e. medicinal use or possession with a doctor’s prescription), due to the fact that marijuana is an illegal drug per Federal Law, the SCA Inc. has banned use or possession of marijuana at all events.


2. Merchants must have a fire extinguisher in their booth. Open fire sources, including but not limited to a forge, torch or fire pit, must not be left unattended at any time; furthermore, a fire extinguisher must be within reach and immediately available. For more information, see the West Kingdom Fire Policy.


3. Merchants will leave the site clean and on time. If a merchant booth is on or adjacent to the list field, the merchant will not tear down until Their Majesties decree that the event is complete, usually at the end of Court on the final day of the event.


4. Set-up and tear-down are the individual responsibility of each merchant.