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West Kingdom Fire Policy

1. No ground fires of any kind, except in areas specifically prepared and approved by the site owners.

2. All firepits must have all grass cut short (cleared back) within a six-foot radius, or beaten down by the use of a surface under the firepit.

3. All fires, stoves, and flame-producing light sources (candles, oil lamps, etc.) must be attended at all times.

4. Absolutely no non-enclosed candles or lanterns. Enclosed means that there's some type of barrier (metal, glass, ceramic, etc.) Candles and lanterns are NEVER to be put on top of the grass.

5. All fires must have a fire extinguisher or a pail of water within immediate reach at all times. This includes gasoline or propane camp stoves as well as hibachis, grills, and any other fires. We recommend that an A-B rated fire extinguisher be used on any gasoline or oil-fueled fire.
From the Kingdom Constable, Lord Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr, July 2001: ALL fires MUST be attended by someone responsible at all times. This does NOT mean leaving your 4 year-old in charge of the firepit, and it ~does~  mean all sources of fire in your camp.

6. All coleman-type (white gas or propane) camping equipment, lanterns, stoves, space heaters, etc. are allowable if kept from other flammable materials (grass, cloth, pavilions, etc.) and NOT placed directly on the ground. Whether you can put it on wood, tables, or chests (ice or not) depends on how much heat the individual item gives off.

7. Tiki-style torches are specifically forbidden, due to the fire hazard they represent.

From the Kingdom Constable, Lord Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr, July 2001: "Provisionally, propane fueled, open flame torches (sometimes called "twiki" torches, due to my reaction on first spotting them) ~are~ allowed, so long as they are ~firmly~ secured upright, and local geographical conditions permit (i.e. there are no overhanging trees and the wind isn't an issue). It should be noted that if these torches are used in an unsafe manner, they will have to be extinguished."

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