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Order of the Laurel

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Laurels are the artisans of the Kingdom. Members of the Order of Laurel have reached exemplary levels within their fields, researching, practicing, and teaching their arts and sciences to others within the Society. These individuals are most frequently recognized by a medallion bearing a laurel wreath. Other representations of laurel wreaths are also available for use, such as embroidered laurel wreaths on cloaks, etc. Laurels vary in art froms: armor making, clothing, singing, weaving, to many other arts and / or sciences practiced within the middle ages period. These individuals are expected to use and be knowledgeable about the materials and techniques for construction, and styles in their art.

The common form of address for a Laurel is Master (masculine) or Mistress (feminine), however alternative forms appropriate to one's persona are available and can be used. In written correspondence, an individual may use OL to reflect their membership in the Order of the Laurel.