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Common Myths of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Common Myths of the Society for Creative Anachronism

There are many common myths and incorrect information regarding region and Kingdom customs, traditions, and requirements for participation. The common myths offered here provide some general corrected information.

  • Anyone may sit on either side of the aisle during Court. Often when Court is held out doors more people will sit on the side that keeps the sun out of their eyes, for comfort. The statement, "Only peers can sit on the King's side (during Court), all others must sit over there (pointing)." is a falsehood.
  • Anyone may attend Court, but please make an attempt to dress in pre-seventeenth (1600) century clothing. The Statement, "You can't go to Court if you don't have an Award of Arms." is a falsehood.
  • The College of Arms does not require the purchase a membership from the SCA, Inc before registering a name or device. The statement, "You can't register a device if you are not a member." is a falsehood.
  • The SCA does not administer households. From the Index of Corpora: "Households hold no reference in the governing documents, as households are left completely to the discretion of their members." The Statement, "You can't form a household unless you first get a charter" is a falsehood.
  • Anyone may own a pavilion. The Statements, "You can't have a pavilion until you are the head of a household. You can't have a pavilion until you have an Award of Arms." is a falsehood.
  • With the exception of space on the tournament field being reserved for the Royal Pavilions and certain Kingdom Offices pavilions, Eric space is made available on a first-come-first-served basis, though a medieval pavillion is required to be right on the field. The Statement, "You can't camp in your period pavilion on the Eric until you have a title higher than an Award of Arms." is a falsehood.
  • In the West Kingdom anyone may wear a simple metal circlet regardless of what awards they hold. However, there are restrictions which apply to coronets with embattlements and strawberry leaves. It is best to avoid decorations on circlet that could be mistaken as one, but a simple circlet for holding a veil on your hair is fine. There are Kingdoms with different traditions regarding circlets. It is always a good idea to find out what the local Kingdom traditions are if you are going to be traveling / visiting in another realm. The Statement, "You can't wear a metal circlet unless you have a certain award." (such as an Award of Arms or Grant of Arms, etc.)" is a falsehood.
  • There are no reserved colors in the West Kingdom. The Statement, "You can't wear those colors. Those colors are reserved for __________ ." is a falsehood.
  • Contrary to popular blief, red belts are not reserved for squires. However, some items are reserved such as: white belts and open link, unadorned chains for Knights and white baldrics for Masters of Arms. The Statement, "Red belts are only for squires." is a falsehood.
  • The Statement, "Gold can't be worn before 5:00 p.m." is a falsehood.
  • The Statement, "A hat or veil must be worn at all times if you are a married lady or a female over the age of 25." is a falsehood.
  • The Statement, "Presentations in Court cannot be made unless you are a head of a chartered household or have your Award of Arms." is a falsehood.
  • An Award of Arms is not required before registering a heraldic device. The statement, "You don't have an AoA, you cannot register Armory" is a falsehood.

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