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Order of the Pelican

Pelicans are so named for the medieval legend that a mother pelican will, in times of need, prick her own breast to feed her lifeblood to her brood. Members of the Pelican are recognized by a medallion bearing the image of a "pelican in her piety". A pelican in her piety is shown "pricking" her breast in order to feed her young. Pelicans display huge devotion in service to the Kingdom. These people are frequently found running the day-to-day business of the SCA, often holding offices, running events, and assisting with the general organizational aspects of their local or regional group, their Kingdom, or at the Society level.

The common form of address for a Pelican is Master (masculine) or Mistress (feminine), however alternative forms appropriate to one's persona are available and can be used. In written correspondence, an individual may use OP to reflect their membership in the Order of the Pelican.

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