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Order of Royal Peers

Order of the Royal Peers of the West Kingdom
Royal Peers become such after serving as monarch of either a Principality or Kingdom. Royal Peers can go by a wide range of titles.

Principalty Royal Peers are individuals whom have served a Principality as Prince / Princess are typically styled as Viscount / Viscountess upon "stepping down" (ending their service) from the Principality Thrones. Principality Royal peers are typically addressed as "Your Excellency".

Kingdom Royal Peers are individuals styled with the title Count / Countess has served on the Kingdom Thrones once. Individuals styled with the title of Duke / Duchess have served as King / Queen two or more times. Royal Peers are typically addressed as "Your Excellency". However, if the individual holds the rank of Duke / Duchess, they are then addressed as "Your Grace".

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