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War Practice

Sunday April 13th, 2014
Newark, California

Do you have  a unit, or want to be part of one?  On Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. come work on your skills and get a chance to train and go home with loot!  This will be an event that focuses on working on our war skills and getting new war fighters underway. While there will be no classes, discussion will occur after each scenario. This will be a day full of fun for individual fighters, existing units and new units that are just learning to work together. 

The second half of the day will be war games: 7-10 teams competing in various war challenges, there is no rule against having more, so you can swap out guys if some one gets tired or hurt. There will be many scenarios that will test each unit on their leadership skills and technical skills. 

More info: Each Unit will be scored on four aspects for EACH scenario they compete in.
1. Over all look of the unit (Do you just look like a thrown together band or an actual unit)
2. Is your unit ready to go?
3. Effectiveness and Cohesion as a unit
4. Over all victory

Please come join us in this opportunity! This will be a day full of fun for existing units and new units that are just learning to work together. Don't miss this opportunity to get feed back or start teaching the next generation of war fighters!

Open Field - No obstacles. One team each side
Bridge - 3 Man wide. One team each side
Castle - Small with one opening, many possible variations, to be determined on site. One team each side

All scenarios will be run best 2 out of 3, round robin style

Autocrat: Ajax Thermopylokles


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