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New Members


Bridge Battle
A battle at a West Kingdom "War"

Are you new to the SCA or the Kingdom of the West? You are welcome to attend any of the events and activities throughout the realm all year round.

Being new to an activity or group can be daunting, but the people of the SCA Kingdom of the West are very welcoming and helpful. Visit an event or fighter practice near you to meet new friends and begin to learn about the SCA!

Visit the SCA NEWCOMERS PORTAL for photos and descriptions of all that we do.
The Chatelaine's office is in charge of Newcomers' Relations. If it is your first event, look to the Chatelaine to welcome you. If you need help finding your local branch, event information, or any SCA information, the Chatelaine is here to help you. Email the Chatelaine to get started. 
Are you a veteran of the SCA who wants to share your passion and make sure new folks have a good time? Are you an SCA newcomer who does not know where to start but knows what they love? Are you an SCA newcomer that might feel a little overwhelmed by their options and opportunities in the Society? Please fill out this form so you can be matched with someone who shares your interests.
Click Here for a brief video that explains this exciting project