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New Members


Bridge Battle
A battle at a West Kingdom "War"

Are you new to the SCA or the Kingdom of the West? You are welcome to attend any of the events and activities throughout the realm all year round.

Being new to an activity or group can be daunting, but the people of the SCA Kingdom of the West (KoW) are very welcoming and helpful. Visit an event or fighter practice near you to meet new friends and begin to learn about the SCA!

Members come from diverse backgrounds in what is called the "mundane," or every day world. But when they attend an event they come together in a world of their own. Wearing period clothing or "garb" is highly recommended and almost all the bigger events have a "Gold Key" where loaner garb is available.
Children: Families are welcome and children always add wonderful energy to events. Some events have organized children's activities in which children should be supervised by a parent at all times.
Fees: Small fees are taken at events and reduced fees may be available for first time attendees. Whether you have some friends in the SCA or don't know anyone, please contact a welcoming member or "chatelaine" and plan to attend an event soon.
The following are some frequently asked questions and answers:
What is the Society for Creative Anachronism?
The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the customs, combat, and courtesies of the Middle Ages. The society is incorporated under the laws of California with branches around the world.
What is the Kingdom of the West?
The West Kingdom is comprised of Northern and Central California, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Japan, South Korea, and Guam. The SCA is organized into kingdoms, which don't follow modern-day state, province, or country borders. Kingdoms are composed of smaller branches known as Principalitites, Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Colleges, Strongholds, and Provinces. Most activities in the SCA are organized by these local groups. To get together with SCA people in your area, contact someone in one of these branches.
What are some of the SCA activities?
The most typical SCA events are tournaments and feasts, but there are also large-scale wars and many other activities. Everyone participates in medieval costume, from the simplest peasant tunic to the most elaborate court dress. Authenticity is encouraged in as many areas as possible.
How do I get started in SCA combat?
Combat in the SCA is governed by strict rules to minimize the hazards and maximize the fun. First and foremost, the weapons are not made of metal, but from materials that simulate the weight and handling of the medieval weapons. In addition, protective gear must be worn as defined in the SCA and West Kingdom Combat standards. A "kill" occurs when a blow is struck that would have been disabling or fatal had a real weapon been used. During the combat blows are judged by the combatants themselves and not by any judge or referee.
How do I become a member?
There are many benefits to membership in the SCA. Sustaining or International memberships include a year's subscription to your kingdom's newsletter, which contains kingdom news, announcements for events taking place in your area, and local group contacts. Lower-priced Associate and Family memberships are also available. Memberships can also be gifted: see instructions here. Please see the SCA Website Membership Page for detailed information.
The Chatelaine's office is in charge of Newcomers' Relations. If it is your first event, look to the Chatelaine to welcome you. If you need help finding your local branch, event information, or any SCA information, the Chatelaine is here to help you. See the Chatelaine Contacts Page find the chatelaine or contact person for a group near you.