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Mists Bardic

Saturday September 20th, 2014 to Sunday September 21st, 2014
Saratoga, California

Come and enjoy a day of feasting and song, storytelling and fellowship! This is the day for choosing a new Bard of the Mists, and all are welcome at the table.

The competition has five rounds, with feasting between each round. The categories are:

•                 a period piece

•                 a piece in a period style

•                 “masterwork”

•                 bard’s choice **The theme this year is a piece on Heroism.**

•                 three words from a hat.

                  The wonderful and creative Mistress Gianetta del Bene shall create an early period Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian feast for your enjoyment. To reserve tickets, please contact the autocrat. To ask any questions regarding allergies, please contact the cook.

Autocrat: Leofwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda, aka Branwen MKA: Jennifer Nestojko  / 408-205-4278

Head Cook: Gianetta del Bene MKA: Joyce Brendlinger

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
11:00 am Feast and Competition begins at 1:00 pm Site Closes: 10:00 pm
Site Fee: 
$10 (Non-Members: $15) Children 6-12: $5, 5 & under are free Feast: $11/person. Make checks payable to “SCA-Principality of the Mists” To reserve tickets, contact the autocrat.

From the North, make your way to 85S, and take the Saratoga exit. Turn left onto Saratoga and the church will be on the right. From the South, make your way to 85N and take the Saratoga exit. Turn right onto Saratoga and the church will be on the right