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Cynagua Winter Investiture

Saturday January 23rd, 2016
Woodland, California
Their Highnesses Walerich and Catriona invite the populace to the Investiture of Their Heirs, Eibhear and Katherine. Come and bear witness to the investiture of the Lord and Lady of the Swan.
Activities planned include a feast for our new Royals, as well as an Arts and Sciences competition and display, Copper Spoon Competition, and Brewer Guild competition.
Arts and Science: Greetings from you Friendly neighborhood Arts and Science officer,
A&S competition for winter Investiture. I present the following
          Arts: Adorn your body:  Accessories and adornments through the ages
          Science: Cosmetic Enhancements
Documentation Recommended but not required, this competition will be by populace vote.
Copper Spoon Competition: Food made for travel . Food you would make for a journey. Pay heed to announcements for when and where to deliver your dish.
Feast tickets: additional $10.00 from Edmond of Surrey
Head Cook: Zaid al-fallah al-hajji
Feast Menu
* atay b'nahna (mint tea) or water 
* flatbread and standard garlic and olive hummus
Course Two: Light Dishes
* Standard couscous ~ Garlic and olive oil couscous
* Chorba B'hodra - Saffron vegetable soup
* B'stila B'djej - Chicken b'stila {Kasbah}
Course Three: Main Dishes
* Hezzu M'cjer - Carmelized carrots with sweet paprika
* Kharouf Machwi - Cuts of goat with apricot sauce
* K'Seksoo Mitidja - Chicken couscous with raisins and almonds
Course Four: Desserts
* Valencya - Deep fried oranges
* Seffa - Sweet couscous
* Ghoriba - Sesame cookies
Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
$10.00 for members 18 & up. $5.00 for children 5-17. $15.00 for adult non-member - West Kingdom Welcoming Committee will be available
Feast Fee: 
Additional $10.00
From the North, South or East, take I-5 to Woodland. Take the Hwy 113 North Yuba City exit.
**At the light, turn left onto East Street. Just past the rice mill, turn right onto Kentucky Ave. Take the first left turn onto Palm Ave. The lodge is the big white building on the left, with a big blue square and compass on the front. There is parking behind the building.
From the West (Bay Area) take I-80 to Davis and take Hwy 113 North to Woodland. Hwy 113 will merge with I-5 North. Take the next exit, Hwy 113 North Yuba City, and proceed as from ** above.

Carpooling is suggested due to limited parking availability.