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Mists/Cynagua War

Friday May 8th, 2015 to Sunday May 10th, 2015
Milpitas, California

Oh, such a fortunate populace are we, to have two brother princes, both alike in nobility, love, and respect as Brian Prince of the Mists, and Bjorn, Prince of Cynagua. And doubly blessed are we to have the beauty and shared affection of our noble princess sisters, Princess Marguerite and Princess Hilarie.

How shall the close knit affection between our noble siblings be expressed?


Hear now the martial call of Their Highnesses. Gather all your strengths. Bring your armor, weapons, crafts, and deadly artistic talents and join us at the Mists/Cynagua War!

Activities will include:

Art & Sciences Competitions for War Points

Arts: Cooking (topic: Feed the Troops)

Fine Arts: Bardic (topic: Entertain the Troops)

Sciences: Containers, any size or style (examples: scabbards, reliquaries, haversacks, bench-boxes, drinking vessels, wagons, unnecessarily elaborate armor bags, et cetera)

Documentation will not be required in any of these competitions, but will improve an entry’s score.

Game Challenges With Prizes


Saturday dinner will be a potluck. Their Highnesses Brian and Marguerite will be providing spit roasted “swans” as the base of the pot luck. The populace is asked to bring a tur…um...swan alternative main, side dish, or dessert to share. A large cooking area with BBQ pit, (Santa Maria style), will be prepared with charcoal for any cooks that would like to help feed the populace. Stove space will be available. Assistance is asked for helping carve the birds.

For heavy fighting questions contact the Marshal in Charge: Loy Schiemann der Kleine

Autocrats: Sedania & Gryffen de Corwyn

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens 12:00 noon Friday, closes 3:00 pm Sunday.
Site Fee: 
Ages 12 and up: $5; Ages 11 and under: free; Family Max: $40.

Take the 680 freeway north or south to the Calaveras Blvd Exit and head east towards the hills. When it crosses Evans, it will become Calaveras Rd. Continue into the hills until you reach a fork in the road and continue to the right. The site will be on the right. Look for the SCA signs.

For more information, see the Ed Levin park map.