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Cynagua Fall Coronet

Friday October 30th, 2015 to Sunday November 1st, 2015
Gridley, California

Come and join Their Highnesses, Walerich and Catriona, to witness the crucible tournament to select Their Heirs!

We have been inspired by Their Graces, Hauoc and Mina, and have decided to have Our Coronet in the same style as Theirs at June Crown! We would like every fighter that can make it, contender or non-contender, to please come fight in Our lists! This includes Dukes, Counts, Viscounts, and Knights who normally would not fight in a Coronet.

Cynagua's Fall Coronet will be held as a crucible tournament. Each field will be challenged as a round robin. All entrants will fight every combatant on their field. Non-contenders are invited to enter the lists for the first half of the tournament to further the glory of the Principality.

All Cynaguan fighters will have the opportunity to display their commitment to their consorts and Principality. Even if you are in a place in your life where you cannot in good conscience swear the oath of fealty should you be given victory over the field, We still welcome you to Our grand tournament!

Each field will then send on their top Coronet-contending fighter/fighters (depending on the number of contenders) after the initial round robin. That victor and their consort that has sworn the oath at invocation will move to a final pool of victors. That final pool will again fight in a round robin to determine the two with the best records of the final pool. These fighters will then fight a standard two out of three finals and We will have successors!

Each field will be named (as per our tradition) with a heraldic color. There will be a banner flying high over each field to add to the pageantry of the day. Through the morning challenges, each fighter will be assigned to a specific field for the first half of the day to complete the initial round robin. At the break down of the fields the Coronet contender/contenders with the best record/records will move on. The champion of that field, be it contender or non-contender, will be presented in evening court with the banner that flew over their field by the Princess's own hand.

All fights, contender and non-contender, will be destructive. This is to encourage everyone to fight their very best. Please come out and join us for this fantastic day! We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as can attend!

* Contending fighters must reside in Cynagua OR fight for a Consort who resides in Cynagua
** Bring your heraldic banner to Invocation and to display on the field during the Tournament

- - - Walerich and Catriona, Prince and Princess of Cynagua

Site Info: Standard pet requirements - must be on a leash, attended at all times - and Kingdom fire laws must be obeyed.

Copper Spoon Competition: Pottage
Bring your best pottage to House Darkclaw. Judging will begin AT 1:30. At 2:45, we would like to invite all entrants back to House Darkclaw so everyone can try each other's entries and we can all talk. Documentation is not REQUIRED, but you'll be losing out on a lot of points without it. Questions about documentation/the competition can be directed to me,, or find Glenn Gorsuch on Facebook

A&S Competitions: Coats! Any culture from 600-1600!, Woodworking! Bring out your boxes, benches, period pieces yearning to be seen!
Documentation encouraged, but not required. If you have questions about documentation please see A&S officer Farleigh de Grey for assistance. All entries should be submitted to the A&S sunshade by 12 noon on Saturday and picked up no later than 5 pm the same day.

There will be a heraldic consultation table.

Trick or treating on the Eric after Saturday evening Court!
Prima Spada during the Princess's Tea Sunday morning !!

Autocrat:  Muirenn ingen Brain


Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens 12 pm October 30 and closes 3 pm November 1, 2015
Site Fee: 
$15 for members, children 5-17 are $10, children 4 and under are free. $5 non-member surcharge applies to adults only.