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Principality of the Mists Game Day (unofficial)

Saturday February 18th, 2017

Mists Game Day!

In the spirit of spreading the love of games throughout their lands, the Prince and Princess unofficially proclaim this day as Mists Game Day!
There are many ways to celebrate. Visit a local game store. Go down to your local library and read about Medieval games. Talk to Master Vyncent and Master Francisco about period games.
Or, join a demo.
Dundracon is graciously hosting an SCA demo.  There will be a fighting demo, technical demo, various arts will be on display. His Highness of the Mists has declared that he will be in attendance to promote the spirit of Game Day, talk to newcomers, and display his martial prowess. Come out and help us recruit the next generation of SCA members. Enjoy a hugely diverse array of games and meet like minded gamers. 
Note: this event is unofficial and in no way sponsored by the SCA. Please see for infromation about the gaming convention. 
Point of Contact:  Karius Hutzelmann